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ZERO to $1 Million: Action Steps To Grow Your Brand on Amazon

Podcast / October 19, 2021

Kris Gramlich and Dustin Kane are talking with Daniel Tejada about different ways to grow your brand on Amazon.

What advice would you give to grow your brand if you are just starting out at zero and you want to scale to $1 million dollars?

What is one of the most underrated aspects of Amazon?  Great Pro Tip here

What is one of the biggest stumbling blocks for Amazon sellers who are just starting out?

What is a low launch price strategy?

Daniel encourages Amazon sellers in these categories to do this one specific thing with their packaging.

Daniel Tejada, co-founder, and chief leading officer of Straight Up Growth

Daniel Tejada has spent over $50 million on Amazon ads and has sold over half a billion dollars in sales on the platform. He has taken brands from 0-$1 million a year more times than he has fingers on his hand. He is the co-founder of Straight up Growth, a boutique agency that focuses on developing organic growth for their clients, using a proprietary formula that weighs factors in our market, unlocking sustainable, high yield growth, and delivering exceptional customer lifetime value.

Daniel loves dogs (rescued 3 and currently has 4 dogs) and loves good food.


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