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Why is my product not getting any sales?

Amazon Basics / December 4, 2020

A seller who is struggling to get sales for a product on Amazon usually comes down to two different factors, Desirability and Discoverability. If a product is desirable but not discoverable, no one will know that the product exists, and there will not be a lot of sales. If a product is discoverable but not desirable, Amazon sellers will have a hard time getting someone to purchase the product.


A lot of factors contribute to the desirability of a product including, but not limited to the following: Photography, Reviews, Title, Bullet Points, Differentiation, Competition, and Price. The goal is to make the product as desirable as possible and to make sure once someone lands on a product detail page, they have a high likelihood to purchase the product.  It is recommended that you make the product as desirable as possible before beginning advertising. The ideal product desirability is that 1 out of every 5 persons that visit the product detail page purchase the product.  That is a 20% conversion rate.


It is possible that your product is desirable, but is not discoverable. When sellers first launch a product on Amazon, the product is lost in the deep dark space of the Amazon search results where no one can find it. Unless someone is searching the depth of the Amazon search results, or just happens upon it, hardly anyone will purchase the product. This is where Sellozo and advertising on Amazon come in. It is important to understand that Amazon displays products towards the top of the search results that have the most sales. There is a correlation between Amazon pay-per-click (PPC) sales and the ranking of the product within the search results. The more sales the product receives, the more it will be ranked organically, and the easier it will be for customers to find the product.

If the product has high desirability, but low discoverability – it is time to start advertising your product to get it discovered, including launching amazon ad campaigns within the Sellozo advertising automation platform. The software will automatically add keywords to the manual campaigns that are converting in the auto campaigns, but it is also beneficial to add amazon keywords that are relevant to your product to the amazon manual campaigns. The more relevant the amazon keywords are to your product; the more likely consumers will purchase that product.

Unit Session Percentage

Luckily Amazon has made quantifying desirability vs discoverability easy in their Business Reports section entitled Unit Session Percentage.

To find your Unit Session Percentage in Seller Central, click Reports > Business Reports

Finding Business Reports in Amazon Seller Central

Then click Detail Page Sales and Traffic

Amazon Seller Business Reports - Detail Page Sales and Traffic
Amazon Seller Business Reports – Detail Page Sales and Traffic














You will then be able to see the different metrics of your product including the Unit Session Percentage



You can absolutely determine why you are not receiving sales from the Amazon business reports page alone. If your Sessions and Page Views are low, it could mean Amazon customers are having a hard time finding your product on Amazon and we need to increase advertising spend or launch campaigns to improve the number of actual visitors to the page.


If Page Views and Sessions are high, but the Unit Session Percentage and Units Ordered is low, then it could imply that the product needs to be more desirable. Which could mean more product reviews, better amazon photography, differentiation of the product, etc. It is also important to make sure your Amazon PPC advertising is relevant as possible. Advertising on keywords that are most relevant to your product will ultimately improve your overall unit session percentage.


The ideal unit session percentage is 20%, which means out of every five people that visit your amazon product detail page, one person will purchase. However, more realistic numbers tend to be lower and anything below 10% calls for something to be improved with the product. We should always continue to strive and improve our Amazon product offerings, improve unit session percentage, and ultimately increase our Amazon sales conversion rate.

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