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Why Is Brand Advertising Important To Your Amazon PPC Strategy?

Amazon Basics / August 23, 2021

Brand advertising is an essential part of successfully executing full-funnel advertising on Amazon. If customers don’t have a strong idea of what your brand offers–and what makes you different from everyone else on the platform–you’ll have a hard time converting browsers into buyers and one-time buyers into returning customers.

Use brand advertising as the foundation for your Amazon PPC Strategy

According to the Institute of Professionals in Advertising, brand advertising is important for businesses in any category–more important than sales activation (ads and marketing that ideally lead directly to sales). IPA research also reveals that, although the optimal ratio of brand to sales activation advertising depends on your industry, media strategies should aim to focus on branding 60% of the time to support long-term growth.

Fortunately, Amazon offers integrated brand advertising, like its cost-per-click (CPC) Sponsored Brand ads, that make it easy to stay top-of-mind of your target demographic. Much like other campaign tools on Amazon, you can tailor when shoppers are shown these ads based on search terms and other factors.

But when planning your brand advertising strategy, you need to keep in mind how your goals should differ to make the biggest impact on your Amazon business. Unlike with other campaigns that you can set up on Amazon, you shouldn’t expect to see a direct return on investment (ROI) from Sponsored Brand ad impressions.

Your goal is to develop brand awareness among customers searching for products in relevant categories–and cross-media brand advertising strategies that incorporate Amazon’s advertising tools have been shown “34% more effective for driving purchase intent.”

Branding and Advertising

Brand advertising is important for every Amazon seller

Building a recognizable, consistent brand is important for businesses of every size and across product categories. Often, sellers make the mistake of thinking that building a successful advertising strategy on Amazon should only focus on high-conversion tactics.

Tools using SEO keyword research and automated campaigns can help you target and reach ideal customers–but building a path to long-term success on Amazon is about more than planning campaigns based on impressions, conversions, and immediate sales.

Inevitably, your business will grow to a point that you’re reaching customers that you have to work harder to convince of your products’ value. What do you have to offer customers who struggle to tell the difference between what you and the competition have to offer?

When product specifications and descriptions make competing products look equivalent on paper, having a cohesive brand advertising strategy will be your key differentiator. Strong, targeted branding allows your business–no matter what size or how long you’ve been selling on Amazon–to develop an identity that encourages brand loyalty and repeat customers.

How brand advertising contributes to your sales performance

Long-term relationships with customers are built with repeat interactions that spark investment and trust over time. Strategic brand advertising can help you develop a consistent and favorable reputation in the minds of your target audience.

According to marketing consultancy Edelman, research on customer behavior across 14 countries showed that trust and brand reputation are critical factors when customers decide what to buy and from whom.

And the effects of effective branding can extend well beyond the customers who learn about your business through Amazon brand advertising and make an initial purchase. Edelman researchers also found that strong branding can amplify the reach of your overall advertising and marketing initiatives:

  • 61% of consumers will advocate for brands they trust.
  • 57% are ready to make another purchase with trusted brands.
  • 31% are willing to participate in brand-sponsored activities or share their personal data.

Develop and test creative brand advertising assets for your Amazon campaigns

So now that you know how important branding is to support your performance goals, how can your business develop brand ads that further your Amazon advertising strategy?

Many business owners and managers struggle with organizing the more creative aspects of digital advertising. While launching and defining your brand will require creativity, you can still launch, test, and tweak branded designs, product images, and other creative assets the same way you do other campaign materials.

You just need to develop longer-term goals and bigger-picture metrics to assess your progress, tracking key performance indicators (KPIs) like new-to-brand impressions, branded search indices, click-through rates, and more.

Amazon now allows you to upload, tag, and reuse creative assets to keep your branding consistent between all your ads on the platform. And with AI-powered advertising analytics and tools from Sellozo, you gain access to expert support that helps you automate how your brand advertising strategy is optimized to drive growth. Start a 14-day free trial today and see how Sellozo can help you start optimizing your brand advertising on Amazon.

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