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Why Hire an Amazon Virtual Assistant?

Optimizations / November 4, 2021

An Amazon virtual assistant helps profitably run your Amazon business. When running an AMZ business, you have to complete critical tasks, involving redundant work. Therefore, if you are facing an overwhelming flow of work, you must consider hiring a VA.

When you hire an Amazon virtual assistant, you get the assistance you require to sell better and complete the different tasks that add to your overall success.

Perhaps, you need a skilled Amazon virtual assistant to take care of the day-to-day store management tasks.

A professional e-commerce VA helps you with completing different tasks and responsibilities. Some examples of such tasks include:

  • Creation of the product list and research
  • Analysis of the competitors
  • Optimization of the product listing
  • Research and addition of the right keywords (title, bullets, description, Q&As, and backend)
  • Optimization of the store’s online presence
  • Editing of the photographs
  • Monitoring of the online reviews
  • Day to day email management
  • Delivery of exceptional customer service
  • Creation and management of result-driven ad campaigns
  • Receiving and processing customers’ orders
  • Saving and retrieving important data
  • Corresponding with the supplier for proactive inventory management

What role do Amazon Virtual Assistants Play?

VA or virtual assistant is not a new term. Instead, virtual assistant services have become an industry within the e-commerce area of expertise. Many companies provide services on different levels. This role adds value at various levels for the AMZ store owners like providing services or training the VAs to deliver exceptional quality services.

VA support includes work regarding the completion of creative tasks, technical skills, and handling administrative matters.

VAs often telecommute, offering different services, often from the comfort of their home or from a remote location. They add value through various skills they acquire during their training.

An Amazon virtual assistant has expertise in overseeing and delivering tasks related to the management of an online Amazon business. Many e-commerce businesses nowadays rely upon experienced professionals to ensure high-quality work in a timely and efficient manner.

Hire Amazon Virtual Assistant

Responsibilities of a Virtual Assistant for Amazon

When you hire a specialized VA, you can expect them to manage a host of different tasks.

Typical AMZ VA responsibilities include:

  • Creation of message templates to send to the customer
  • To answer queries of the customers
  • Provide commenting assistance for getting positive customer reviews
  • Online reputation management and overcoming negative feedback
  • To match orders with the reviews
  • Shipping of the products
  • Creation of removal orders
  • Location of the past orders
  • To confirm the FBM orders
  • Handle product refunds and replacements

An Amazon virtual assistant also manages content tasks including the creation of product listings and email marketing communications.

The VAs also work on ads optimization, set up campaigns to analyze and report insights. They overcome negative terms within keywords and weed out counterproductive keywords.

An Amazon FBA virtual assistant also handles SEO tasks, including keyword optimization for delivering organic traffic, building off-site links, and social bookmarking.

Social media is also playing a significant role in e-commerce sales. Thus, the VAs also create pages for your brand’s effective social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. They answer customers’ queries, handle social media complaints, and upload high-quality images as per Amazon guidelines.

One of the tasks of an Amazon virtual assistant is to research for the products to buy at wholesale prices. They negotiate with wholesalers in China, the US, Vietnam, and other countries to negotiate prices.

Fulfillment of the order tasks include the following

  • Manage the FBA inventory
  • Download the Amazon barcodes for every unit
  • Download the shipping labels
  • Track customers’ shipments
  • Check the units received in inventory
  • Monitor remaining units in the inventory

Graphic Designing Tasks of a Virtual Assistant for Amazon FBA may include

  • Designing of the logo
  • Creation of the listing images
  • Making product infographics
  • Creatively designing course covers an
  • EBooks

The above are some of the responsibilities you can expect when hiring the best Amazon virtual assistant service providers to offer.

While you focus on expanding your business’s profits, the VA takes over and performs the above functions for you.

Why Choose an Amazon Seller Virtual Assistant?

The VAs have years of experience in professionally delivering their services and handling day-to-day customer support tasks that ensure the smooth running of your e-commerce venture.

Besides these services, here are some of the other tasks that an Amazon seller virtual assistant may perform

  • Virtual support services for online selling and product management
  • Setting up email marketing campaigns
  • Google Ads management for the product listings
  • Promotion of the website through SEO, SEM, and Social Media
  • Consultancy on different day-to-day Amazon compliance-related matters
  • Creative and technical supports

An Amazon virtual assistant is a highly trained individual with a lot of skills to offer. They have hands-on experience working with the latest technologies and tools to understand customer service and sales. Many of these VAs have a working experience across different retail marketing places besides Amazon, like eBay, Walmart, Etsy, and Alibaba.

An expert Amazon virtual assistant reduces the overall business risk and contributes to more profitability. They act as your go-to consultants whenever you come across any issue managing your online selling business.

An expert Amazon virtual assistant knows very well the importance of delivering outstanding customer services. They act as your customer support representatives, quickly answering a lot of emails and offering live support.

When selecting a professional AMZ virtual assistant service, you can reduce your overall operating expense while improving productivity and sales.

Specialist Amazon Virtual Assistant Services Help Grow Your Business

Customer service is a key component of the retail e-commerce industry. When you hire a VA, they help you increase your overall sales volume. More business means a need for professional customer support. Thus, business expansion and better customer support go hand-in-hand.

Customer support is more than just offering high-quality service. In retail e-commerce, it means taking care of the other aspects closely connected with customer support.

  • Store management
  • Inventory management
  • Relationship management
  • Q&As or FAQs
  • Correspondence
  • Product Quality
  • Product Pricing
  • Deep product knowledge
  • Awareness of the competitors’ products and their prices

An Amazon virtual assistant also helps you select the right suppliers, wholesalers, or direct private label manufacturers during product sourcing. They know the issues that you may encounter and provide you with multiple product sourcing options.

Advantages of Hiring an Amazon Virtual Assistant

Business Expansion and Peace of Mind

The day-to-day micromanagement of the tasks takes away the peace of mind that many e-commerce entrepreneurs miss. They want to think about improving their social life and have time with their loved ones. A VA offers them the peace of mind to focus on other areas besides routine store management.

Increased Productivity

The availability of Amazon virtual assistants besides yourself ensures on-time completion of crucial tasks. Thus, you can think of the big picture and ways to expand your business’s growth and productivity. Let the expert VAs take care of all the time-consuming tasks like inventory management, campaign optimization, and listing creation.

No Need for Increasing Office Expense

Amazon virtual assistants work remotely, therefore they do not require any office space. This working model reduces the need to have extra office space. You save on rent and also on electricity costs. You only need to pay for the services that you need and for whatever time you require them. Thus, hiring a VA saves you all you would pay for a full-time in-house employee on salary, office space, and utility bills.

Focus on Improving Relationship with Your Customers

An Amazon virtual assistant handles the day-to-day tasks, thus, you can monitor the overall quality of the customer service. More time for customers means proactively identifying and resolving their matters to overcome dissatisfaction or negative reviews. You can ask your personal Amazon VA to assist you in personalizing communications with the customers.

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