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When Should I Get A Financial Advisor For My eCommerce Business

Podcast / September 29, 2021

Kris Gramlich and Dustin Kane are speaking with Sam Hill about eCommerce finance, profitability, and projections.  Should I get a financial advisor?  When should I get a financial advisor for my eCommerce business?    Sam answers this and more.

The top 3 topics that are covered on this podcast:

Contribution Margin

Container Cost and Logistics


What is Contribution Margin?

Why is it important to know this number for your business?  What number should the contribution margin be?

How do logistics and freight problems affect your finances and your business?

How much cash should I keep on hand?

If my Amazon account gets shut down tomorrow, can I make my payments for 3 months?

What percentage should you be setting aside to build up your cash reserve?

E-commerce finance is difficult.

It requires a methodical, disciplined, and persistent process with a trusted partner and deep subject matter expertise.

We (ecomCFO) provide the process, tools, and team to maximize profitability at a lower cost than you could otherwise hire and manage yourself. If it touches the bank account, we manage it.


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