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The Importance of Brand Advertising For Your Amazon Advertising Strategy

Amazon Basics / August 10, 2021

You’ve seen sponsored brands advertising on Amazon while browsing through search results and products. You probably remember a few, and might even remember the products you bought from that brand. Sponsored brand advertisements leave a lasting impression with the right audience and build brand recognition that has a long-lasting impact. Every business can benefit from them, regardless of category or size.

The Amazon sponsored brands platform provides a dedicated space to deliver engaging content to customers who are actively involved in discovering products relevant to your niche. During this discovery phase, they have not yet developed loyalty to a particular brand, or are otherwise unsatisfied with their previous experience. Take advantage of brand advertising to tell your brand’s compelling story and show off the unique selling points that give your products value.

When the customer clicks on your advertisement, they see your Amazon store or a custom landing page of your choice. This puts the focus entirely on you and fully immerses the customer in whatever experience you want them to have.

The Mouth of the PPC Funnel

Brand advertising is the first step of your Amazon PPC sales funnel. It generates interest, educates potential customers, builds trust, and maintains loyalty. It’s the broadest and most general part of the funnel. Product PPC ads are great for pushing customers further down the funnel to actually make a purchase, but they’re unlikely to get there without prior exposure to your brand.

Shoppers using or the Amazon app very rarely know exactly what they want – only 1 out of 4 – and if they do, it’s often because they followed a direct link after going through another sales funnel. You should spend 60% of your time and budget on brand advertising to win the interest and trust of those other shoppers across as many platforms as possible. This enables you to use the remaining 40% of your budget to effectively drive sales with customers who already know your brand and its story.

When customers trust your brand, you have a much greater chance to connect with them in a meaningful way, and can shift your focus from drawing attention to selling products. They’re also more likely to defend your brand when the chance arises, and drive word-of-mouth sales by suggesting your brand to others in their circle.

Reaching New Places with PPC Brand Ads

Sponsored Brands uses the same pay-per-click system as product ads, and in addition to giving you a different format to deliver your message to customers, also gives you the opportunity to reach users in places other than Amazon’s website and app. This is one of its greatest strengths, and why it’s so effective at building brand awareness. Customers are likely to see your ad before they even start searching on Amazon, so when your brand or products show up, the conversion process is already underway. They’ll also see your ad after they leave Amazon, improving your recapture rate. Both build trust, and both drive sales.

So where can you advertise? Amazon DSP, or demand-side platform, provides sellers like yourself opportunities to reach users across Amazon’s family of websites and apps, as well as a variety of relevant third-party sites. Amazon DSP allows you to buy video ads, static display ads, and even audio ads to reach listeners on Amazon Music. All of your ads appear in brand-safe environments, and you’ll use Amazon’s included audience insights and performance reports to test, adjust, and optimize your campaigns for maximum return on your ad spend.

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