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"I'm an Amazon.com seller based in the USA and heard about Sellozo from the guys at ASM. I had my on-boarding with Scott this morning and he was super helpful. He went above and beyond with his advice regarding my listing. I'm super excited to have partnered with Sellozo and feel confident they their product will make a big difference to my conversions. Thanks again Scott!"

Jenny Richards

"As an solo Amazon consultant I have limited time to spend on PPC Management, so I have also suggested my clients with a large product catalog to use Sellozo's Managed plan. They have seen better than expected results with the Managed plan. I will be recommending all of my clients to use Sellozo's Managed plan from here on out."

Megan Stanczak

"Fantastic Automated Ad Platform! I recently started using Sellozo and have found it to be a fantastic platform to help with my PPC advertising for Amazon. I have been struggling with my PPC campaigns in getting them to do what I needed them to do without spending all of my profit on advertising. After working with Scott (one of their consultants), I feel very confident that my campaigns will be much more effect. He explained the way the software works and helped me set it up. This is a must have for Amazon sellers and I HIGHLY recommend it. The one-on-one help is, alone, invaluable!"

Sandra Baker