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Sellozo Testimonials

"Excellent experience with Sellozo Ascend Tools has been with Sellozo since May 2018. You can do everything manually on Amazon advertising and build your own spreadsheets and keep updating data OR you can let Sellozo do it for you so you can concentrate on scaling your business. The data collection, organization and presentation is very impressive. In the past year I have had few calls with them and each time I came away with how to help our business. I highly recommend Sellozo for growing your business."

Ascend Tools Ascend Tools

"As an solo Amazon consultant I have limited time to spend on PPC Management, so I have also suggested my clients with a large product catalog to use Sellozo's Managed plan. They have seen better than expected results with the Managed plan. I will be recommending all of my clients to use Sellozo's Managed plan from here on out."

Megan Stanczak

"Our full-service digital agency, eAccountable, has been using Sellozo for over a year. We couldn’t be more pleased with their tool and its functionality. The PPC automation allows us to think strategically while the AI handles all the daily changes needed to succeed. Their Product Vu feature is a favorite amongst our clients, as it easily shows profitability at both the account-level and product-level on Amazon. 10/10 tool for any Amazon brand or agency looking to scale!"

eAccountable eAccountable

"Awesome company and phenomenal customer service. Scott has done a tremendous job on key word research that has proven very successful. We continue to grow on Amazon through Sellozo's PPC execution. If you're an Amazon seller, you'd be a fool not to use Sellozo!"

Caroline Portis

"These guys are incredibly helpful and take pride in optimizing your business for you. Highly recommended."

Trevor C.