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Social Media Strategy for Amazon Sellers – Free eBook!

Amazon Basics / April 2, 2020

Social media is an important tool Amazon Sellers and brand owners can use to increase their brand awareness, find new customers, interact with people, share news and updates, and promote their products.

But when using social media to promote a brand, Amazon Sellers should have a clear plan before starting to post. Without having a good strategy in place, it can easily get out of control and lead to social media not being an effective tool in the long run. It’s important to set defined goals for what your brand wants to get out of using social media so you can create strategies that will help achieve those goals.

Social Media Strategy and Goals

If you want to increase brand awareness, your strategy will be different than if you want to increase sales or drive traffic to your Amazon listings. This is why social media strategy for Amazon Sellers is important because you want to make sure you are posting the right things. There are a lot of things that go into creating your social media strategy: what times and what days are best to post to get the most reach and engagement, what kinds of things to post (photos, videos, etc.), how you will respond to comments and messages, and so on.

A lot of social media strategies can be executed for free, and just require a time commitment. But if you have the ability to dedicate budget to run ads on social media, you can increase your reach and engagement. It’s in your best interest to establish your social media profiles to some extent before running ads. People like to see what’s called ‘social proof.’ This is basically the idea that people are more likely to buy things, share posts, like pages on social media, etc. if other people are sharing or talking about it already because they want to replicate the behavior they are seeing others exhibit. In essence, “monkey see, monkey do.” 🙂 This might seem counterintuitive because how do you get social proof without already having people engaging with your brand new social media profiles?

Your best bet is to start with a social media strategy and get to posting! If you want to learn more about social media strategy for Amazon Sellers, check out our free eBook. Just fill out the short form below to download it now.

social media for amazon sellers

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