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Sellozo Release Notes, April 2021

Sellozo Release Notes / May 6, 2021

Sellozo Release Notes, April 2021


The Latest Features and Upgrades To Sellozo: Release Notes

1.    Sponsored Display Ad optimization and Reporting

Description: Sellers will be able to enable the optimizer and make the bid adjustments on SD campaigns. There were the following enhancements  done on the Sponsored Display,

  • Reporting on Sponsored Display campaigns are available. This functionality allows users to retrieve reports for all the sponsored display campaigns.
  • Sellers can enable Sellozo optimizer on all Sponsored Display campaigns to make the bid adjustments.
  • Sponsored Display product targeting is also available including new T30 product targets.


2.    Sponsored Brand Video ads

Description: We added the support for an upcoming release for Sponsored Brand video product attribute target to be optimized.


3.    Client Script UI improvements

Description: following features were implemented on the Client Script UI:

  • Pagination on the logs.
  • Sellers will have the ability to filter the logs (text search).
  • Upload a file as inactive by default.


Important Notes:

  • Sellers can go from one page to another easily when there are multiple pages.
  • Sellers can search the logs by text search.
    Sellozo activity log
    Sellozo system log text search
  • The files will be uploaded for the first time as “inactive” by default and only the “Dry Run ” action is supported at this state and test the entire process before making the file active.
    Activity log
    Sellozo client script activity
  • The sellers can change the file status to “active” (by clicking “Toggle Active”) from the drop-down options on the action buttons.

4.    Ability to add negative keywords during Campaign launch on Auto and Manual campaigns.

Description: Sellers can add negative keywords to both manual and auto campaigns during the campaign launch.

Auto Campaigns match type:

Amazon auto campaign match type
Amazon auto campaign match type

Manual Campaigns match type:

amazon manual campaign match type
Amazon manual campaign match type

Important Notes:

  • Sellers can click on campaign nodes and add negative keywords to them.
  • On auto campaigns, they can only add negative keywords during campaign launch.
  • On manual campaigns, sellers can add both positive and negative.
  • Valid match types for both the campaign types are added on the page which will help sellers to identify the valid and invalid match types.
  • An incorrect match type will throw an error message.


5.    ProductVu page bestseller ranking and new sorting features:

a.    New column for  “Bestseller ranking” in the CSV file on the ProductVu.

Description: Sellers can see a new column named “CategoryRankings” in the CSV file on the ProductVu.

b.    New Sorting Feature on ProductVu based on “PPC Conversion Rate”

Description: New sorting feature on the ProductVu page that will allow sellers to sort their data based on PPC conversion rate.


6.    Introducing Amazon Bidding Strategy in Sellozo

Description: Sellers can see Amazon’s campaign bidding strategy in Sellozo under the “Advanced” tab on the edit campaign page, so that they can understand the difference between Sellozo’s bidding strategies (conservative vs aggressive bid adjustments) and Amazon’s bidding strategies.

amazon dynamic bid down
Amazon Bid Strategy

7.    New filter and functionality on Live Order Component :

a.    New SKU filter on the Recent Orders map

Description: Introduced a new filter to the recent order map by SKU or group of SKUs or by Smart tags so that sellers can see the desired result based on the selected filters.

SKU filter for recent order map
SKU Filter Recent Order Map


b.    Only Recent Orders Are Shown on Live Order Component

Description: Live order component (map as well as stream) is changed to “Recent Orders” as it will be showing all the recent orders coming in. Also the beep sound that used to happen after each order is stopped now.


8.     Vendors can add/upload a list of ASINs or SKUs during a campaign launch

Description: Enter a list of ASINs that would allow users to launch campaigns in Sellozo very easily. Users should be able to enter the list of ASINs separated by a comma or can upload a CSV file.

The Sellozo team introduced two options to add the list of ASINs during a campaign launch:

    1. List view – In List view, sellers will be able add product SKUs and/or ASINs separately in a new line or they can directly upload a csv file containing a list of ASINs/SKUs. The user will be allowed to enter SKUs and ASINs for products that are not yet in our system, and these SKUs/ASINs will be loaded into our system during the following data import (usually the next morning).
      amazon campaign launch sku/asin list upload
      list view SKU/ASIN upload
    2. Select View – Added “in” comparison when filtering by ASIN in the product search. This would allow users to enter a list of comma-separated ASINs rather than a single ASIN. The space between the comma and the value will be ignored.
campaign launch SKU or ASIN bulk list upload feature
select view SKU/ASIN upload

9.     Introducing summary report to get the sales count during a 24-hours window

Description: Users will see a summary report for a selected date range, that will show the sales count during each hour of the day so that sellers would know during which hours they got the most of their sales. Then accordingly they can plan their campaign strategy, also add or update the day-parting windows.

summary date range reporting
Amazon dayparting time zones

Important Notes:

  • The heat map (with different shades of green boxes) shows the sales count during each hour of the day.
  • The shade/intensity of green on-screen is decided relatively based on the sales count. Users need to hover over the boxes to check the exact sales count.
  • The heatmap will show the date range and time zone the graph is showing for.
  • For tracking sales through the campaign, sellers can compare their day-parting window with this heat-map. If most sales are happening during the enabled day-parting window, then it is well and good. But, if not, then using this heat map, they can adjust their day-parting.


Additional small bug fixes and enhancements:

  • Campaign launch with Basic workflow now spawns the adGroup link.
  • Added the support for Exact Product and similar Product match type in PPC Manager.
  • COGs bulk upload supports both single and double-digit dates in the date field.
  • On relative bid adjustments, The “Calculate bids” button is disabled/greyed out when the value is 0 or null in the “Adjustment value”, preventing invalid bids from being generated.
  • The campaign name filter and the CSV export error are fixed on the “Activity log” page.


Past release notes: Sellozo Release Notes, March 2021

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