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Release Notes

Sellozo September Release Notes

Sellozo Release Notes / October 7, 2021

Sellozo September Product Release Notes: New Features, Updates, & Bug Fixes

A quick outline of notes from the features, updates, enhancements Sellozo made during the September release.


New Features Release:

Campaign Budget Balancing

Description: The campaign budget-balancing feature will be enabled by default while launching new campaigns. Users will have the flexibility to disable it if they don’t want to enable it on the campaigns. Campaign Budget Balancing’ option is now available on the campaign launch workflow 

This feature will allow the sellers to automatically balance their budget based on the performance of the campaigns.  Users can also enable/disable the budget-balancing on the campaigns outside of the campaign launch flow from the PPC Manager -> Campaign group tab -> Adjust Campaign Groups

Sellozo Campaign Budget Balancing Option - September Release Notes
Campaign Budget-balancing option on the ‘Campaign Launch’ flow
Selloz Campaign Budget Balancing on ‘Campaign Groups’ tab - September Release Notes
Campaign Budget Balancing on ‘Campaign Groups’ tab

Introducing budget splitting on newly optimized auto campaigns

Description: The budget splitting will work when the user will optimize the auto campaigns for the first time. So, when the user optimizes an auto campaign (with let’s say $10 budget), then an auto-manual pattern will be created spawning a manual campaign off of auto with 20% of the auto’s budget (that is $2), and auto will be set at 80% of $10 (that is $8).

Note: If after splitting the budget, the dollar value comes as a decimal value, it will be rounded off to the nearest ceiling value. For example: If we optimize an auto campaign of a $21 budget, then a manual campaign will be spawned with 20% of the $21 ($4.2) and will get rounded-off to $5 and the auto campaign budget will be set at $17 that is rounded-off from $16.8.

Sellers can now download the overview of Financial report data into a CSV file

Description: Sellers will now be able to download the Financial report data into a CSV file. Sellers can select the date range on the page and the downloaded report will contain the data for the selected date range.

‘Download’ option on the Sellozo Financial Report - September Release Notes
Introducing ‘Download’ option on the Financial Report

Negative ASIN Targets is now available in red color on the Search tab in PPC Manager

Description: Once the users negate the ASINs from the Search term tab, they will now appear in red color. It will help users to understand what all targets are the negative ones right there in the UI.

Introducing an updated version of the grid view on the Sellozo PPC Manager

Description: We made the following changes to the PPC Manager grid view:

  1. Min/Max bids and budgets columns on the data grid are turned off by default and can be turned on using the toggle button. This will help users to see more important columns upfront on the UI without having to scroll the table.
  2. The Target ACoS column is now moved next to the ‘Optimized’ column on the ‘Campaigns’ tab. This will improve our user experience as there is no need to scroll all the way to the right to check the ‘Target ACoS’.
Sellozo PPC Manager Grid View
Sellozo PPC Manager Grid View

Enhancements on the COGs upload UI:

  1. We removed some unnecessary/unused columns from the CSV file to make it look well-ordered and uncluttered for the sellers.
    Here’s the current columns list: id, sellerSku, asin, name, tags, startDate, costOfGoodsPerUnit, inboundShipping, reshippingFeePerUnit.
  2. If the front end encounters any issue in the CSV file, it will show those details along with ASIN details which will help the sellers to find out where exactly they have an error in the CSV file. Sellers will have the option to either Submit the file as-is or they can fix those errors in their local and submit the file again.
Sellozo Updated UI to validate CSV content and format on COGs upload - September Release Notes
Updated UI to validate CSV content and format on COGs upload

Amazon bidding strategy is now set to ‘Dynamic bids-down only’ by default

Description: Amazon bidding strategy in Sellozo is now set to ‘Dynamic bids-down only’ by default on every campaign launch within Sellozo. Users will have the option to change it to another bidding strategy manually.

Sellozo Amazon Bidding Strategy
Amazon Bidding Strategy

Sellozo September Release Notes: Additional small bug fixes and enhancements

  1. The bulk change issue on bid strategies is now fixed and all the changes will be saved successfully.
  2. Auto campaigns will no longer allow the targets to be created during the campaign launch. Users will only be able to add keywords to the auto campaign.
  3. Sales velocity in ProductVu is now fixed and showing the exact figure.
  4. Negative profit/margin will now be seen in red color in the ProductVu.
  5. BuyBox history and Bestseller ranking graphs are no longer throwing an error and load just fine now.
  6. Renamed the ‘Listing Status’ filter to ‘SKU status’ on the ProductVu for better understanding.

Upcoming key enhancements

  1. Sellozo Auto-Pilot – We are working hard on a major release that will allow you to manage your whole account at a higher level. You will be able to enable Sellozo to completely automate all campaign strategy and budget management either across the board on all your products or on a specific list of products. You will be able to stop looking at individual campaigns, ad groups, ads, and keywords and manage your advertising in just a few minutes of configuration and setup.
    1. Don’t worry, all the advanced and granular features you have grown to know and love will still be there if you want to get into the weeds!! This will be an optional way to manage your account in an easier way.
  1. Unified Keyword and Product targeting UI – We will be launching a new all-in-one component for easily managing and creating targeting (Product Target, Keyword Targets) at the campaign and ad group levels, in addition to negative targeting for both.
  2. Campaign Studio – We have a new major version of the Campaign Studio releasing soon that will have a number of speed and usability improvements to help you more efficiently manage complex campaign strategies.

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