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Sellozo Release Notes – May 2021

Sellozo Release Notes / June 8, 2021

Sellozo Release Notes For May 2021

The monthly notes about updates and upgrades to the Sellozo platform.


1.  Introducing New Pricing Tiers – Sign Up Process

Description: We have introduced a single pricing structure for all options that Sellozo offers so that sellers don’t have to select multiple options for different types of services anymore, e.g. ad-automation and managed service.

Sellozo Release Notes - Pricing
Sellozo New Pricing Tiers

Important Notes:

      1.  Sellozo offers monthly and yearly plans separately based on the Sellers’ SKUs count.

2.  Sellers can use take part in a 30% DISCOUNT if they select the yearly plan over monthly.

3.  There are five plans that sellers can choose from  based on their SKUs count:

a.  For 1 -10 SKUs

i.  Sellozo Platform – $104 per month or  $1252 annually (saving $536 on the yearly plan)

ii.  Monthly Support – $314 per month or  $3772 annually (saving $1616 on the yearly plan)

iii.  Weekly Support – $454 per month or $5452 annually (saving $2336 on the yearly plan)

iv.  Managed Ads – $804 per month and $9652 annually (saving $4136 on the yearly plan)

v.  Fully-Managed – starting at $5000 per month with complete Amazon account management by Sellozo experts

b.  If Sellers have more than 10 SKUs, 

They can select the option of 11-1000 SKUs or 1000+ SKUs,  depending on the number of SKUs that they have. Then, all the above-mentioned five plans will be available with different pricing, they can select the plan that fits their needs.

2.  Updated pricing tiers for Agencies

Description: We have upgraded our pricing structure for Agencies, depending on the number of sellers that an agency has.

Sellozo May Release Nots - Agency Pricing
Updated Sellozo Pricing tiers for Agencies

3.  “Upcoming” and “Past Invoice” sections on the “Subscription” page

Description: Sellers can now see the upcoming invoice details along with their next billing date, and can also see the promotional discount applied if any.

Also, we introduced the “Recent past invoice” section where sellers can check their last three invoices and can also download those.

4.  Sellers can upgrade and downgrade from their existing pricing plan

Description: Sellers can switch to a different plan and select from the available 5 plans available for all three SKU ranges. Users can easily switch from one SKU range to another and also they can switch from monthly plan to yearly plan and vice versa.

5.  Separate buttons for “Book a demo” and “Sign up for free trial” on the website

Description: Added two separate buttons for “Book a demo”, and “Sign up for free trial” on the website so that sellers don’t get confused whether they are booking their demo or signing up for their free trial.

6.  Sellozo platform free trial period extended to 14-days

Description: For the new customer sign-up, Sellozo will offer a 14-day trial period instead of 24-hours, and sellers will only be charged once their trial period ends.

7.  Launching graphical representation for tracking when campaigns go in and out of the budget 

Description: Created a visual representation of the pattern when the campaigns go in and out of the budget so that sellers can plan their campaign strategy accordingly.

Important Notes: 

a.  The green straight line shows the current set daily budget of the campaign, it does not show the past set budget that may have changed over a period of time. 

b.  Sellers can also download this graph data into a CSV file.

May Release Notes - Budget Cap Graph
Amazon campaign budget utilization chart

8.  Users can change the preset campaign names during a campaign launch

Description: Added a “Name Stub” field on Step 2 on both “Advanced” and “Basic” campaign launch components. By default, this field will show the SKU or ASIN of the first selected product in step one.

Sellers will be able to change the name of their campaigns as per their preference, they can select the campaign nodes within the pattern and name them.

To support this change, all the Campaigns, Ad Groups, and Ads will be launched immediately upon the initial launch and will be created with stub-generated names.

Release Notes - Campaign Launch
Sellozo Feature Name Stub Section on the Campaign Launch

9.  New option to turn off the creation of the negative keyword of the converted ones

Description: Added a toggle button “Negative Keyword Creation” on the “Advanced” tab in the “Edit campaign” on the PPC Manager. By default, the toggle button will be on and sellers can turn it off if they want to keep their converted keywords active.

Negative Keyword Toggle
Amazon Negative keywords creation

Additional small bug fixes and enhancements:

  • Added an informational banner for new signed-up accounts where sellers can see the remaining days of their trial at the top of their account whenever they sign in during an active trial period.
  • Introduced a message component recommending sellers to connect their MWS account, explaining the advantages of connecting to the MWS account. This modal will give an option to go through the detailed instructions that will take sellers to the MWS account form.
  • Added a new filter on ProductVu – > ASIN – > In, where sellers can paste multiple ASINs and filter out the desired result.
  • We have now added a new match type “Audience” on the Targeting tab and are displaying the audience id in the “Target Expression” column. 
  • There is no longer an unsaved warning message once all the changes are saved in the Campaign studio and in the campaign pattern templates. 
  • The maximum bid for the Mexico account is now set to 120 Pesos instead of 6 Pesos. 
  • PPC Downgrade is now loading for the sellers who are hitting their SKU capacity. 


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