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Sellozo Release Notes, March 2021

Sellozo Release Notes / April 15, 2021

Sellozo Optimizer Enhancements 

1. New UI for uploading CSV file for rule-based adjustments

Description: We have released a new UI in our platform for expert sellers who know their advertisement rules completely and don’t want to go with our default rules, and want to directly add their rules in the product. Sellers can upload a CSV file containing their advertisement rules adjustments. The CSV file will have the required fields to run and bid an ad, and sellers can fill up the information on their desired rules, then they can upload the CSV file using the new UI.

Important Notes:

  • Currently, this feature is only available to agency/admin users, only expert users are recommended to use this feature. If you want to learn about this feature, feel free to contact us
  • If you are an individual user and interested in exploring this new feature, feel free to contact us

Below-mentioned are the capabilities that we developed under this feature,

  • New “Client Scripts” section in the application

Description: we have a separate section for client Script in our platform (right below the PPC Manager).

  • Sellers can download the template file, update their rules and upload it:

Description: Sellers can download the sample file where they can capture all their rule adjustments, so that they can load this file in the application or sellers can upload a file from the local drive. 

  • Sellers can perform various actions on uploaded file

Description: On the green action button, the user will have the option to check the log, Dry run, Run, Download a template and Delete the file.

  1. Once the file is uploaded, the file will be in an “inactive” state by default and sellers can toggle them active before performing any other actions.
  2. Sellers can only run the dry run on the inactive file, and to perform the rest of the actions, they need to make the file active.
  3. Sellers can dry run the uploaded csv file for testing all the rules at once and check all the errors (if there are any). 
  4. Sellers can run the uploaded file right away if they don’t see any error during the dry run. However, the system will trigger the run once a day between 7-9 AM CST that will run the uploaded files from the last time.
  5. Sellers can see the action history details like when the last files were uploaded, when a particular rule came into effect, error encountered while uploading, so that they can refer to that information while uploading a new csv file, if needed.
  6. Sellers can download and delete any uploaded files.
  7. Sellers will have the ability to filter the logs (text search).

2. New shortcut URL for ASIN targets

Description: We have added a new column to place a shortcut to the URL just to let the sellers know the ASINs being bid on in the Targeting tab or Search Terms tab of the seller’s own product or a competitors’ product.

3. Added ad group name in ProductVu in edit campaign window

Description: For better visibility, we added the ad group name along with the ad id in the “Edit campaign” window. It will help users identify if it is a keyword targeting or ASIN targeting ad group when evaluating ad group performance within a campaign. 

4. Connected Marketplace has all Seller ids synced to it.

Description: Now, the profile page under My Account has all seller IDs synced to it in the marketplace section to avoid confusion among several user Ids.

5. “Take a tour” feature for the first user login.

Description: The new user will see an automated tour of all the product features when they log in for the first time into the application.


6. Multiple campaign nodes are clickable in the campaign launch window.

Description: Users can select the campaign nodes in the preview window, and they will be able to toggle back and forth across any campaign nodes in the preview mode. Users can add different values for each campaign within the pattern.


Additional small bug fixes and enhancements:

  1. The application works fine now after launching a “Catch All” campaign.
  2. After being split into multiple jobs, now initial import jobs run in the right order now. Earlier, they ran out of order that caused consistency issues.
  3. COGs bulk upload template date format issue is resolved.
  4. Ad-automation highlights can now be found in the activity log.
  5. On the PPC manager, the optimizer training video pop-up is now enabled for the new sellers.
  6. Now, agency plans can remove the “undefined” user and add a new user instead.
  7. Added a back button in the “Campaign launch” window when navigating through campaigns so that sellers can easily navigate across campaigns. 
  8. Users will be able to filter the live order map and live stream data based on the date range and can also download a csv file of their product details.
  9. With any screen size, UI will be responsive to show each element distinctly.
  10. Removed the toggle button on the “Add negative keywords” window to avoid confusion.

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