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Release Notes

Sellozo Release Notes – August

Sellozo Release Notes / September 9, 2021

Sellozo Release Notes – August 2021: New Features, Updates, and Bug Fixes

A quick outline of notes from the features, updates, enhancements Sellozo made during the August release.

1. Release Notes August: Allow sellers to edit Amazon’s Bidding Strategies in Sellozo

Description: Sellers can edit Amazon’s campaign bidding strategy in Sellozo under the “Advanced” tab on the edit campaign page so that they don’t have to go back to the Amazon seller account to edit it.

Amazon Bidding Strategy in Sellozo - Release Notes
Amazon Bidding Strategy in Sellozo


2. Release Notes August: Automatically limit keyword and product attribute testing for new keywords with little data. 

Description: This feature will help customers who have tons of keywords or product attribute targets that have no data or very little data. It will dramatically improve the efficiency of testing new keywords and product attribute targets which will result in faster ACoS and Sales improvements.


3. Release Notes August: Introducing Budget balancing feature between campaigns in a campaign group

Description: This feature will allow the sellers to automatically balance their budget based on the performance between the campaigns and set their min/max budget at the campaign level.

Campaign Budget Balancing Toggle in Sellozo - Release Notes
Campaign Budget Balancing Toggle in Sellozo


  1. Budget balancing toggle will be enabled automatically on the campaign group tab when we optimize the campaign.
  2. Optimizing an auto campaign for the first time will create an Auto-Manual pattern and will launch the manual campaign with 20% of the auto campaign budget.


4. Release Notes August: Launch campaign patterns when optimizing campaigns for the first time

Description: Optimizer will launch the campaign patterns automatically if the users optimize their campaigns for the first time in Sellozo

  1. For standalone Manual campaigns:
    1. The optimizer will launch a campaign pattern and self-link the ad groups.
    2. It will also create keywords transfer rules by default if the optimizer is enabled.
  2. For standalone Auto campaigns:
    1. The optimizer will launch an Auto->Manual campaign pattern.
    2. The manual campaign will be launched from AUTO. It will create an auto to manual default transfer rule for Keyword (1 conversion).


5. Release Notes August: Introducing Performance comparison chart based on the date period(YoY, and  PoP)

Description: Sellers can compare the performance of any of their campaigns based on the two selected date ranges so that they can analyze the campaigns’ performance of one date range vs. performance during another date range. Also, sellers can download the graph data into a CSV file.

Performance Comparison Chart for PoP and YoY in Sellozo - Release Notes
Performance Comparison Chart for PoP and YoY in Sellozo


  • There is a toggle button at the top-left corner of the graph where sellers have the options to choose if they want to see the comparison graph or if they want to see the daily/weekly/monthly trends for the selected date range on the page.
  • This chart shows the PoP/YoY, comparison chart. The comparison intervals work in conjunction with Weekly/Daily/Monthly options on the right.
  • This chart is implemented across the entire app, allowed for custom dashboard charting, and Download capabilities across the board.


6.  Release Notes August: Introducing a new user interface to validate CSV content and format on the front end for COGs upload

Description: Sellers can now process/verify the CSV values on the frontend before sending it to the backend so that it can search for some common mistakes, like date format that it can’t figure out or Excel’s “E+21” notation stuff. It will search for all the errors and show those on the front end so that Sellers can fix them before submitting the file.

New User Interface To Validate CSV Content and Format on COGS Upload - Release Notes
New User Interface To Validate CSV Content and Format on COGS Upload


Note: If the frontend encounters any issue in the CSV file, it will show those details along with ASIN details and sellers will have the option to either Submit the file as-is or they can fix those errors in their local and submit the file again.

7. Release Notes August: Introducing a Campaign budget utilization chart for the campaigns that didn’t hit the budget in the past 30 days

Description: Earlier we were showing a budget utilization chart for those campaigns that went out of budget in the past 30 days, now we have also added a chart for the campaigns that didn’t hit the budget in the last 30 days and show a trend (within the budget) on the chart.

Campaign Budget Utilization Chart in Sellozo - Release Notes
Campaign Budget Utilization Chart in Sellozo

8.  Release Notes August: Performance enhancements for Sellozo’s Dashboard, ProductVu, and Financial reports

Description: The queries on Dashboard, ProductVu, and Financial Reports have been optimized for better performance of page loads. These pages load much faster than they used to especially on large accounts.

9.   Release Notes August: Allow users to choose the fields on the grid view in the PPC Manager

Description: Sellers will be able to choose the columns that they wish to see on the grid view of the PPC manager.

Sellozo's PPC Manager Grid View Options - Release Notes
Sellozo’s PPC Manager Grid View Options

10. Release Notes August: Launching time zone option in  Activity Log

Description: Sellers will be able to load their activity logs in any time zone they want to check their data in.

Sellozo's Time Zone Options On The Activity Log Page - Release Notes
Sellozo’s Time Zone Options On The Activity Log Page

Sellozo Release Notes – August: Additional small bug fixes and enhancements:

1.     Parent ASIN filter is now working on the ProductVu page across all tabs (SKU, ASIN, and Parent ASIN).

2.     Users will experience better performance for Repricer across the board.

3.     The campaign name filter on the PPC Manager page now recognizes the special character in the campaign names and will pull up the relevant results if the users include special characters in the names.

4.     Bulk changes in the bid strategies can be successfully performed in Sellozo.

5.     Financial Report now shows the correct PPC Ad Spend for Parent ASIN.

6.     Filters on the targeting tab in the PPC Manager are working fine and pulling up all the relevant results.

7.     We made it easier to copy any metrics from the PPC manager, added a copy icon in front of all the metrics and the users will be able to copy any of those metrics by clicking the copy icon.

8.     Cloning campaigns with LOT of targets were taking so long to clone and weren’t showing the confirmation message either. We fixed this issue now and it greatly increases the performance and user experience while cloning campaigns.

9.     The white screen on deleting the campaign pattern in campaign studio is fixed and now deleting the pattern in CS will redirect the user to the PPC Manager.

10.  Client Scripts UI in BETA is now open for all our sellers. Sellers who know their advertisement rules completely and want to directly add their rules to the product, can upload a CSV file containing their advertisement rules adjustments in the app and run it right away.

11.  Agency subsection names in the application have been changed for the user’s better understanding

    1. “Agency Home” page name changed to “Accounts Overview”
    2. “Subscriptions” page name changed to “Subscription & Accounts”

12.  Introduced the “Related Videos” widget on the Dashboard page and made some small UI/UX enhancements on this widget.

Upcoming Enhancements

1.    Sellozo Auto-Pilot – We are working hard on a major release that will allow you to manage your whole account at a higher level.  You will be able to enable Sellozo to completely automate all campaign strategy and budget management either across the board on all your products or on a specific list of products.  You will be able to stop looking at individual campaigns, ad groups, ads, and keywords and manage your advertising in just a few minutes of configuration and setup.

a.    Don’t worry, all the advanced and granular features you have grown to know and love will still be there if you want to get into the weeds!!  This will be an optional way to manage your account in an easier way.

2.    Unified Keyword and Product targeting UI – The Sellozo team will be launching a new all-in-one component for easily managing and creating targeting (Product Target, Keyword Targets) at the campaign and ad group levels, in addition to negative targeting for both.

3.    PPC Manager – Sellozo will be implementing some new enhancements in PPC Manager to improve our end-user experience including comparison data in the tabular view and new optimizer features like automated ad creation for new SKU’s.

4.    Campaign Studio – Sellozo will have a new major version of the Campaign Studio releasing soon that will have a number of speed and usability improvements to help you more efficiently manage complex campaign strategies.


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