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Sellozo June Release Notes – 2021

Sellozo Release Notes / July 12, 2021

Sellozo June Release Notes

The June release notes from Sellozo about updates and upgrades to the platform.

June Release – New Features:

1. Introducing Video tutorials widget on PPC Manager and ProductVu in the application

Description: The Sellozo team added a new video widget into the ProductVu and PPC Manager areas of the application which contains tutorial videos for every component and potential strategies for utilizing those features.  The PPC Manager widget includes videos about how to utilize the tool to optimize your PPC bid strategy, bidding strategy differentiation, and ACoS performance enhancement videos.  The ProductVu widget includes videos about how to utilize the ProductVu toolset to understand your product level date, the impact advertising is having, and your total sales data by product.

Sellozo June Release Notes - Widget Update
Video Tutorial Widget Playlist
Video widget – Tutorials

2.    Introducing new Search functionality on the ‘Load Preset Filters” pop up and in the Activity log

Description: Sellers now have the ability to search their preset filters inside of Sellozo by typing partial or full text to find possible matches. Also “Campaign Name” filters in the Activity Log will also allow the sellers to filter their campaigns by just typing a part of it.

Preset Filter in PPC Manager
June Release Notes - Campaign Activity Log
Campaign Name Filter in Activity Log

3.    New informational section for “True Profit” on the Dashboard

Description: Selloz has added an informational icon to better explain the top line summary to help our customers understand how to use this summary. This section will give a detailed explanation of the fields on this widget and their meanings.

Release Notes - True Profit
Amazon True Profit Dashboard in Sellozo


4.    Improve Sign up page in the application

Description: Amazon sellers will be able to select ‘Agency’ and ‘Seller’ sign up separately using slider toggle. Also, sellers will now see the trial period duration (14-days) on this page. This way, sellers have all the information before signing up with Sellozo.

Sellozo Release Notes - June 2021
14-Day Free Trial Sign Up

5.    Sellozo now offers a 14 day free trial on all self-service plans

Description:  Sellozo now offers a 14 day free trial for all of our self-service plans. Sellers can now try out the great user experience, advanced platform features, and helpful automation tools to help them grow their Amazon business, risk-free for a full 14 days.

In addition, due to our continued commitment to providing world-class support, there are a limited number of spaces for our support plans. Please feel free to Contact Us for more information.


Sellozo June Release Notes: Additional Small Bug Fixes and Enhancements:

  1. Removed MWS token message banner from the Vendor’s account.
  2. Incorrect optimized SKUs on the vendor account is fixed and now it shows the correct count of optimized SKUs.
  3. Manual Linked adGroups will have explicit links to themselves.
  4. Sellers can now remove the existing smart tags from the product in the ProductVu.


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