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Amazon PPC

Managing Amazon PPC

Amazon Basics / February 23, 2021

Managing Amazon PPC

Amazon sellers have to juggle many aspects of running an Amazon FBA business. The list of tasks to get started on the platform is extensive, from product sourcing, manufacturing, shipping, design to listing creation. 

Don’t let that stop you, though! E-commerce sales are sweeping through the online world, and now, even amidst a global pandemic, is the best time to get started.

Once a seller launches on Amazon, they generally have a basic understanding of how the platform works. Sales begin to roll in, and before they know it, all those moving pieces start colliding, and they have a fully functioning Amazon FBA business.

Yet, when a seller launches a product, we frequently find the knowledge in Amazon advertising is often misguided or misunderstood. Sellers are typically inundated with information before launch, and by all accounts, they are hoping that they can “figure out advertising” as they go.

The most obvious way to boost sales and increase visibility aside from external methods is by taking advantage of the Amazon advertising platform. Not only is this probably the most valuable part of the Amazon experience, but it can also be one of the most intimidating aspects of selling on the platform.

Why is that, though? 

If you think about it, it comes down to dollars and cents, and when you’re talking advertising, you want things to make CENTS if you catch our drift.

Managing Amazon PPC
Automate Your Amazon Advertising


Amazon PPC is a search advertising method by which sellers pay only when shoppers click on their sponsored ads. The Amazon advertising platform is critical to a seller’s success because, like any online marketplace, visible products within the first few pages are likely to see sales.

So why can advertising on Amazon be so intimidating for new and experienced sellers on the platform? While advertising can increase sales, if not executed efficiently, a seller can spend a fortune and inadvertently lose substantial amounts of revenue and margins to their Amazon advertising spend. 

Amazon sellers can tend to run very conservatively in managing their Amazon advertising strategy because they understand their ACoS spend directly affects their bottom line.



First things first, ACoS, if you’re wondering, is your advertising cost of sales- What it costs the seller to advertise products on the Amazon advertising platform.

The Amazon advertising platform offers various ad types for each seller to showcase their products. Some of the advertising options require access to Amazon’s Brand Registry, which allows for unique ad options and placements.

Here is a birds-eye view of some of the advertising options Amazon offers:

  • Amazon Sponsored Products

    Ads that are keyword or product targeted and charged per click.

  • Amazon Sponsored Brands

    Ads that help increase brand awareness by displaying some or all of your available products on Amazon through different placements throughout the user experience. Examples include the review section, detail pages above each listing, and the lower area below the search results.

  • Amazon Video Ads

    Video content displayed on available Amazon space provides a unique visual representation of brands and products.

  • Amazon Stores

    Like a storefront with multiple pages and various options to showcase your products and unfold your brand story. Sellers can create a Home Page, About Us Page, while also highlighting all their available products and variations.

Each advertising option offers its unique capability, and the combined effects can directly impact sellers’ conversion rates. 

Amazon PPC Sellozo


We often find Amazon sellers most interested in working with us who have already launched products and grasp how the advertising space on Amazon operates at a basic level. With that in mind, we cater to various sellers, from new to experienced and anyone in between.

One of our many great benefits is our personalized onboarding service. We prefer a personalized onboarding approach to best address your individual advertising needs and set you up for long-term success. 

A small example is Sellozo’s analytics and reporting suite that analyzes your cost of goods and showcases your ‘true profitability’ overall and at a product level. The user can better understand their business needs and make better decisions because of these analytics.

Our primary focus is advertising automation and optimization that leverages high-yielding results. We aim to alleviate the stress and misunderstanding of Amazon advertising for you by:

  • Helping you understand your business
  • Increasing your conversions
  • Strengthening your profits & lowering your ACoS
  • Providing one on one support
  • Saving you time
  • Being transparent and with our pricing



Pay-per-click advertising is as vital to an Amazon business as mainstream marketing is essential to any brick-and-mortar. Unfortunately, sellers can lack strategy and clear understanding, risking them spending a fortune on advertising costs.

Sellozo is an automated Amazon advertising software growth suite engineered to help Amazon sellers just like you increase sales, lower ACoS, automate campaign optimization, and increase profits. 

Tatiana James Amazon PPC Automation

Sounds too good to be true, not so fast!

With user-friendly tools and an easy-to-navigate interface, Sellozo boasts a platform to which the everyday seller is not required to create multiple rules and data points to achieve results.

The software automates the complete process while the user enters a few high points to help leverage outcomes. By limiting rules and data points, the software can serve its primary purpose, efficient automation.

The benefits of Sellozo automated advertising software far outweigh trying to juggle and achieve your desired ACoS on your own. It can quickly start to feel like you’re rolling the dice in every PPC bid you would otherwise have to create. 


Sellozo takes the gamble out of the equation and makes automation make CENTS.

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