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Leverage Amazon Sponsored Video Ads

Sponsored on Amazon / March 15, 2021

How to Leverage Amazon Video Ads to Your Advantage

Amazon advertising is a foundation for an Amazon seller’s business. Understanding how to best leverage advertising is vital so that you gain maximum exposure while, at the same time, increasing organic sales.

With the explosion of e-commerce in 2020, it’s evident that using all available advertising metrics on Amazon is essential to your growth.

One of the main ways you can gain increased visibility through Amazon ads is by using Amazon Sponsored Video Ads.

Leverage Amazon Sponsored Video Ads

Brand Registry

To take advantage of Amazon video ads, you must be a brand registered seller, and these are once again pay-per-click ads. For a complete understanding of pay-per-click advertising, visit our blog on PPC.  Also, if you need more information on Brand Registry, visit our blog here.

Here are a few highlights as to how to enter Brand Registry:
(For full details, head here.)

  1. Have an active Amazon seller account.
  2. Have an active trademark in the country in which you would like to enroll.
  3. Word marks and image marks are accepted.
  4. Ensure you have applied for all applicable classes. (Your trademark lawyer can assist in determining classes that best suit your needs.)
  5. Pending trademarks through Amazon’s IP Accelerator program may apply.

Once enrolled in Brand Registry, you will see the many benefits, not only in terms of advertising. You’ll have more control over your Amazon listings, and specific safeguards are in place to protect you from counterfeit sellers as well as protect your intellectual property.

Combined with more robust advertising options, you can drive more traffic to your listing and storefronts while also gaining a strong presence on and off the platform.

The advertising highlights in Brand Registry are robust and a critical factor in why so many sellers choose to be trademarked and enter the program.

Speculation says that Amazon is gearing towards a more brand-friendly platform. It may, over time, become more challenging to sell individual products not associated with a brand or trademark. While not written in stone, if you’ve been selling on the platform in the last five years, you’ve likely seen Amazon shift in favoring branding as a whole.

What Type of Ads is Available to Brand Registered Sellers?

Once enrolled in Brand Registry, Amazon sellers can use to their advantage the following unique ad types:

  • Sponsored Brand Ads

  • Storefronts

  • Sponsored Video Ads

  • Amazon Live Streaming

Amazon Video Advertising

Once you start scrolling through the pages on Amazon, you will notice in short order that the number of video ads on the platform is far less than what you would intuitively think. You can then start to see why choosing a video ad can help give you a leg up against your competition.

  • Sponsored video ads typically appear towards the middle of the page on Amazon, following a couple of rows of typical sponsored and organic ranked products.
  • Sponsored video ads play automatically without sound and appear beside a thumbnail of your product.

Having high-quality video ads is a serious advantage on Amazon. If you’re wondering how difficult it is to create these ads, you’d be surprised at the free or cost-effective options available for sellers.

  • Canva – With a 30-day free trial, you can create a custom video ad for Amazon without any hefty fees. The nice thing about is how user-friendly the software is.
  • Promo – also offers a free trial that sellers can take advantage of to leverage their video ads on Amazon. Promo provides a vast amount of existing video clips you can choose from to incorporate into your video.
  • InVideo – Another great option to create high-quality video ads that won’t break the bank. If you’re curious, yes, they offer a free 14-day trial.

Each video software will have its formalities for licensing, which may be required, so be sure to research the requirements before you begin.

For the most part, if you’re creating video ads for your use and not monetizing by selling these videos, the licensing is included. (But again, be sure to perform due diligence in researching requirements.)

Amazon Sponsored Video Ad Requirements

  • 3 minutes or less (Amazon recommends 15 seconds)
  • 16:9
  • 500 MB or less
  • 15 frames per second (or higher)
  • File type: MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.264
  • Logos are permitted but must meet specific criteria.

For a full view of Amazon’s sponsored video ad requirements, head here.

Example Amazon Sponsored Video Ad

How Can Sellozo Help You Manage Your Sponsored Video Ad Campaigns?

Amazon sponsored video ads can have a slightly higher conversion rate than the typical sponsored brand ads available to Brand Registered users.

With that in mind, if you are struggling to maintain a relative ACoS on your campaigns or are lacking an understanding of Amazon advertising as a whole, we recommend taking advantage of Sellozo’s robust PPC software.

Sellozo Superior Amazon Advertising Technology

Our primary focus is automation, but we also provide a slew of analytics so you can make business decisions and appropriate plans of action to help scale your Amazon PPC and your business.

Sponsored video advertising offers a unique visual aesthetic to your buyers, and as video ads currently tend to be underutilized, they are a great way to help boost your sales.

But, without a reliable PPC automation tool, you can be left to manage your video campaigns, navigate bids and settings, and make guesses as to when to compete against a keyword versus when to pull back.

Some things are better left to a team of dedicated experts but also an extensive algorithm! That’s exactly what we offer at Sellozo, and video ad campaign management is no exception to our automation process.


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