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How to Get More Followers on Instagram

Seller Essentials / October 8, 2019

Instagram is becoming one of the best social media networking apps for brands and businesses. But the age old question is: how to get more followers on Instagram? There are platforms like, Linkinprofile and Later’s, that allow users to tag every product that is used in their photos and link it to products that are featured in the post. This has changed the game for the way Instagram bios work.

Instagram allows you to put one link in your bio. Before these platforms people would switch out the link 2 or 3 times a week or however often they uploaded new content, and direct users to click the link in their bio. This is extremely hard for followers on Instagram because Instagram doesn’t show everyone the same post at the same time. Some followers may have seen the new post that directed people to visit their bio, while others would see the post two days later, making it too late to click because the link has already been changed.

You may be wondering, what does this have to do with helping you get more followers on Instagram? Well, the fewer steps customers have to take to get to your product, the more customers you will gain! If you optimize your page in a way that makes it easy for the customers to reach your brand page or listing, the more sales you can count on. Which if you have products to sell, is the ultimate goal anyway.

When you search for How to get more followers on Instagram, it’s always “post hashtags”, “like for like” or “comment under everyone’s photos”. While that is true, you also want to focus on your bio and the quality of your content. If you are doing all of the above and they reach your page and read your bio and it is either poorly written or missing a link for them to click on, chances are they are going to click off. So all of that hard work you put in, sourcing for customers isn’t going to mean anything if you can’t redirect them anywhere. And if you do redirect them and it’s to something unexpected or isn’t pleasing to look at, chances are they won’t even give it a chance.

Below is a table to compare and contrast the platforms so it is easier for you to see which option is best for you. Later’s Linkinbio Linkinprofile
Price $0, $6 $19, $29, $49 $9
Analytics ✓ (Paid only)
Free Plans
Photo Links
Free Trial
2+ social profiles

If you are unsure about what platform you want to use you can always join linktree since they have a free plan. may be for those who want to put links in their bio without photos. doesn’t show you any analytics besides how many clicks you have. But again, this could be used to test out putting multiple links in your bio. You could always link to your best selling product or your brands store front. With the free version, you are allowed to pick from a few color themes along while also adding a profile photo. If you would like a preview, you can visit our Instagram here to see what ours looks like.

Now you may be thinking “wow Later’s plan is A LOT more expensive than the other two.” While that is true, you get so much more than just their feature. With Later, you have the option to use their free option which allows:

  • 1 user
  • Can only schedule photos
  • Search for Hashtags
  • Basic Instagram Analytics
  • Email only support

Although this is the free version, it still comes with some great things.

To be able to use the you have to pay for their business plans (prices mentioned above). The business plans come with:

  • 2 social profiles per platform
  • 2 user
  • 2 IG profiles, up to 250 posts
  • 2 twitter profiles, unlimited posts
  • 2 FB profiles, 250 posts
  • 2 Pinterest Profilez, 250 Posts
  • Schedule photos, videos, IG stories, multi photo posts
  • Tag location & users
  • Hashtag suggestions
  • Unlimited media
  • Search by hashtag
  • Add from URL
  • Tags
  • Mentions
  • Contributors
  • Instagram basic and pro analytics
  • Instagram hashtag analytics
  • Analytics export
  • Pinterest analytics
  • Twitter analytics
  • Click tracking
  • Conversations
  • Best time to post
  • Share calendar
  • Unlimited groups
  • Chat and email support

You get all of this for only $19 a month.

One of the biggest struggles that brand owners run into is maintaining their business along with social media. It may seem overwhelming but with platforms like this one, you can set aside a couple of hours throughout the week, plan your content and let it post for you. By spending some time putting it all together, you could  have your Instagram posts scheduled for a whole month!

One of the best ways to gain followers on Instagram for you business is to post consistently. You have to show Instagram’s algorithm that your content is relevant. Let’s say you are going around leaving nice comments, liking everyones photos, reposting others content to your story, but for some reason you still aren’t gaining followers. The main problem is Instagram’s algorithm. Instagram goes off of how active you are at posting, how people engage with your content (likes, saves, shares etc.) So if you are doing all of those things, buy aren’t staying consistent on your content or putting effort into your content, chances are the algorithm is skipping over your posts.

By optimizing your Instagram page to gain more engagement, will result in more followers. We have just went over platforms to help you post and stay on top of posting, but now let’s get into what kind of content to post.

Now you may be one of those people who aren’t that creative when it comes to social media or you simply have no clue where to start, and that may make you hesitant to start but listed below are ways you can have an awesome page without much effort.

There are hundreds of apps, and websites that have pre-made instagram templates that you can choose from. All you have to do is plug in your photos and you’re done! Check out the list below:

  • Creative Market – Allows you search through hundreds of premade templates (Paid)
  • Unfold – Great App to make simple, appealing Instagram Stories (Free & Paid)
  • Adobe Spark – Pre made templates for all social media platforms (Free & Paid)
  • Over – Edit images and videos with templates (Free & Paid)

All of these apps and templates are great for businesses. Below are a few screenshots from each app so you can see exactly what it looks like.

Creative Market

Adobe Spark

more followers on instagram


more followers on instagram


more followers on instagram

You can have professional content by using one of these services, and the great thing about it, is it’s easy enough to do yourself!

Now that we have gone over what apps or websites to use to find out how to create high quality content and websites that allow you to optimize your Instagram bio, you should be on your way to creating better, high-quality content. Remember that Instagram determines which posts are best to be put on their followers feed by engagement and quality of the posts. If you don’t put in much effort and you’re not seeing any effective results from social media, then chances are you need to tune up your content a bit. I hope you found this blog post helpful! Let us know how this worked out for you by following us on Instagram and leaving us a comment here!

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