Massively Grow Your Amazon Sales

Sellozo has created a fully-automated Amazon Product Advertising platform that enables you to massively grow your sales and profitability in weeks.

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50 years of combined 


We ARE You. We know your pain- this tool helps!

Lower ACoS and Make More Sales on Existing Campaigns

With just a few clicks, you can optimize all your existing Sponsored Product and Sponsored Brand Campaigns. In the first 24 hours, our system will optimize your campaigns to lower your ACoS and Grow your Sales.


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Select Your Campaigns

Enable the Sellozo Optimizer

Set Your Target ACoS

Watch Sales Go Up and ACoS Go Down.

Yes, it actually is that easy.

The Features

Campaign Dayparting

Easily set your campaigns to only run at certain times of the day that are most profitable for your business. You can set different times for different days and have it all relative to a time zone that you specify!

Customizable Campaign Strategies

Sellozo has built the first tool that makes it possible to visually customize your campaign keyword discovery strategy while still allowing automation to do 95% of the work. Our Campaign Studio is revolutionary in the space and unlike anything you have seen in any other tool for Amazon Sellers.

With this tool, you can easily setup complex campaign structures and keyword movement rules to maximize sales and profitability for your business.

Beautiful Dashboard

Easily see the profitability of your business and cost breakdown at a glance on your Dashboard.

Upload your Cost of Goods to get True Profitability reporting for your business.

See Live Orders as they happen and where your customers are ordering from on an interactive map.

Organic vs. PPC Sales Reporting

See how your PPC Sales are impacting your Organic Sales over time!

Inventory Tracking

Easily see how much inventory you have and how long it will last. Clicking on the different stock levels will bring you to the Sellozo ProductVu page where you can view the products filtered by stock level.

Fully-automated Repricer

Fastest repricer in the market. We update prices instantly when your competitors change their prices. When competitors increase pricing or run out of inventory, Sellozo’s repricer will increase your prices so you are always selling at the maximum price possible!

Super-deep Amazon Fee Analysis

See all Fees from Amazon at an organized, but granular, view.

You can also enter custom costs for your business so you can get a complete and true profitability metric for your business.

Easily see if your fees are going up or down vs. last month.

All this information is available at a summary level but also at a SKU level so you can really drill down and understand find ways to improve your profitability!

Incredible Support Team

An amazing team of Amazon Selling Experts are available to help you grow your business.

Our team will now only get you setup and using Sellozo but also help you brainstorm ways to improve your sales in all kinds of ways from pricing strategy to listing improvements to logistics strategy.

Our whole business has been built on a culture of helping sellers grow their sales. We are not satisfied unless you are making WAY more than you were before you started working with us!

Much, Much More!

TONS of Data Filters

TONS of Sorting Options

CSV Downloads

Custom Expense Tracking

Sku-Level Performance Analytics

A lot More…

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