Amazon Product Performance Tool

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Product performance and profitability for Amazon Sellers

Amazon Product Performance Tool

Clear View, ProductVu

No spreadsheets, no confusion, no surprises.

Sellozo’s ProductVu allows you to track product performance across your entire inventory and use that data to inform campaigns — all in one place.

Sellozo ProductVu dashboard

ProductVu Features

  • In-depth product cost and sales analysis 
  • Multiple analysis levels (SKU, ASIN, and Parent ASIN)
  • Smart tags
  • Unique product categories 

Broad Data, One Location, Click-Button Simplicity

Here’s a look at some of the unique benefits of Sellozo’s ProductVu dashboard tool

Zero confusion

Quickly toggle between products and product categories without complicated spreadsheets.

Easy grouping

Use our unique product tags to quickly group like products and measure revenue across categories.


Keep your product information like pricing and revenue private; Amazon cannot access information stored in ProductVu (or any of Sellozo’s tools and platforms).

All-in-one accumulation

From cost of goods to shipping information and more, your product data is stored and easily available in ProductVu.

Amazon Product Performance Tool

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Hear from Real Amazon Sellers

"I have been with Sellozo for over a year now. Their on-boarding process was great - starting with business goals to sales goals and teaching basic functions to accomplish goals. A year later Sellozo has some serious enhancements. Most important is data collection, organization and presentation. I can now see how each keyword is performing - down to that detail. Surely, you can spend a lot of time on Amazon and find that out but if Sellozo can do it efficiently it saves a lot of time. I have had few calls with them within last year; each staff member was very knowledgeable about Amazon processes and how Ozo can help my business"

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"As an solo Amazon consultant I have limited time to spend on PPC Management, so I have also suggested my clients with a large product catalog to use Sellozo's Managed plan. They have seen better than expected results with the Managed plan. I will be recommending all of my clients to use Sellozo's Managed plan from here on out."

Megan Stanczak

"I've been selling on Amazon for about 5 years now, and I've tried multiple ad agencies and SaaS apps to help me with my Amazon PPC...needless to say, Sellozo has so far been "Best-in-Class" for my needs. Now don't get me wrong, I'm writing this review because I was asked to, not because I want to...Sellozo has been one of my secret weapons (not so secret anymore) for almost a year now! And as long as they continue to offer value and personalized service, I will remain a loyal client."

Jarod King

"I am a small Branded Seller on Amazon, and for more than two years now, Amazon Ads have been the single most significant driver of my sales. Without Sponsored Ads, we would not have survived. However, we have struggled with the complexity of the Amazon Advertising Campaign Settings. I have tried several online systems and have found that Sellozo offers something non-existent with most online Applications--personal hands-on expert support! The consultants that have helped me at Sellozo know precisely how the Amazon platform works, and they make it work for me. I could not be more satisfied and feel relieved to have found this invaluable resource upon which I have adopted as a permanent part of my advertising program."

Raymond Goad

"I have used many PPC solutions for Amazon Sponsored Ads and Sellozo is the BEST!"

Benjamin Preisner Amazon Global Selling

"I'm an seller based in the USA and heard about Sellozo from the guys at ASM. I had my on-boarding with Scott this morning and he was super helpful. He went above and beyond with his advice regarding my listing. I'm super excited to have partnered with Sellozo and feel confident they their product will make a big difference to my conversions. Thanks again Scott!"

Jenny Richards

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