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Automated Product Pricing

Hands-free competitive repricing for Amazon Sellers

Automated Product Pricing

Consistent Competition

Whether you want to keep—or take—your place in Amazon’s Buy Box, limit tedious manual pricing updates, gain more visibility into your pricing wins and losses, or remain competitive without the threat of profit loss, it’s time to implement Sellozo’s Repricer tool.

Based on your business’s unique pricing parameters, Sellozo’s Repricer tool will automatically update your products’ prices so you can safely stay competitive where it matters most.

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Automated Product Pricing Features

  • Vast pricing criteria options
  • Buy box win-loss alerts
  • Profit protection 
  • Automated real-time price adjustments 

Reali-Time Competition

Here’s a look at some of the unique benefits of Sellozo’s Repricer tool

Safe competition 

Sellozo’s Repricer tool ensures you remain competitive without impacting profits.

Detailed visibility

Gain deep insights into pricing performance, as well as Buy Box win-loss alerts.

Customizable pricing  parameters

Ensure your pricing aligns with larger company goals, your bottom line, and profit goals.

Instant pricing updates 

Always remain competitive with automated, up-to-the-minute pricing updates.

Product Pricing Automation

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Hear from Real Amazon Sellers

"Since starting with Sellozo 2 months ago, my sales have doubled!"

Doug Wierzba Trustpilot Review

"I have been with Sellozo for over a year now. Their on-boarding process was great - starting with business goals to sales goals and teaching basic functions to accomplish goals. A year later Sellozo has some serious enhancements. Most important is data collection, organization and presentation. I can now see how each keyword is performing - down to that detail. Surely, you can spend a lot of time on Amazon and find that out but if Sellozo can do it efficiently it saves a lot of time. I have had few calls with them within last year; each staff member was very knowledgeable about Amazon processes and how Ozo can help my business"

Ascend Tools

"Awesome company and phenomenal customer service. Scott has done a tremendous job on key word research that has proven very successful. We continue to grow on Amazon through Sellozo's PPC execution. If you're an Amazon seller, you'd be a fool not to use Sellozo!"

Caroline Portis

"These guys are incredibly helpful and take pride in optimizing your business for you. Highly recommended."

Trevor C.

"Amazing Program. Worth the money. While Sellozo is new they are amazing! Because of Sellozo, I have more time to spend with my family rather then keep daily tabs on my sponsored ads which can take some time and cause some frustration. They handle the bidding as well as the keywords. The team is very helpful. When I first started They stayed on the phone with me for a full hour answering all my questions."

Randa Hatoum

"Fantastic Automated Ad Platform! I recently started using Sellozo and have found it to be a fantastic platform to help with my PPC advertising for Amazon. I have been struggling with my PPC campaigns in getting them to do what I needed them to do without spending all of my profit on advertising. After working with Scott (one of their consultants), I feel very confident that my campaigns will be much more effect. He explained the way the software works and helped me set it up. This is a must have for Amazon sellers and I HIGHLY recommend it. The one-on-one help is, alone, invaluable!"

Sandra Baker

Product Pricing Automation Costs

Get the tools and resources you need at a price you can afford.

  1. Pricing starts as low as $149
  2. We will never charge you based on percentages or volume- only Sku’s
  3. No additional fees

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