Amazon Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Optimization

Ad Automation and Dayparting

Stop wasting time AND money on ads that don't convert.

Analytics and Reporting

Tailored Timing

With Sellozo’s Ad Automation and Dayparting software, you can ensure your ads are only running during your peak sales periods.

After selecting the days and times you’d like to run your ads, Sellozo will handle the rest, from automatically posting your ads to turning them off when your ideal sales window closes.

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Ad Automation and Dayparting Features 

  • Dayparting 
  • Automated Ad Placement 
  • Custom Ad Placement Options 

Discover the Difference.

Sellozo’s robust marketing tools bring all the things you want to your Amazon pay-per-click optimization.

Peak performance

Ensure your ads are only running when they have the best chance of converting.

Automated posting

Automatically run ads without confusing or time-consuming software.

No alarms

Don’t worry about setting alarms and reminders to run ads.

Ad Automation & Dayparting

More Return. Less Time.

Bring a new level of optimization to your Amazon advertising strategy, including sponsored ads. Schedule a consultation with a Sellozo expert to learn more about how to grow your Amazon business through advanced automation.

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Hear from Real Amazon Sellers

"Brilliant + automatic + efficient + lucrative = no brainer! Sellozo solves a real problem for Amazon sellers: optimizing Sponsored Ads. It saves us time analyzing search term reports. It saves us money spent on guesswork and trial and error. It finds negative keywords that are wasting our ad spend. It finds manual keywords that can make us more money. It continually updates to your desired target ACoS. And the best part is that it does it all while you sleep. Why would you not use a software that pays for itself and makes you more money? It's been one of the easiest software decisions I've made as an Amazon seller. Beyond that, the customer support is stellar. Chloe answered all my set-up questions and even started a blog post based on one of them."

Chad Wade Chad Wade

"Since starting with Sellozo 2 months ago my sales have doubled! Advertising campaigns on Amazon are confusing, I like that they handle this and let me work on new products to sell. "

Doug W. Doug Wierzba

"Excellent experience with Sellozo Ascend Tools has been with Sellozo since May 2018. You can do everything manually on Amazon advertising and build your own spreadsheets and keep updating data OR you can let Sellozo do it for you so you can concentrate on scaling your business. The data collection, organization and presentation is very impressive. In the past year I have had few calls with them and each time I came away with how to help our business. I highly recommend Sellozo for growing your business."

Ascend Tools Ascend Tools

"Amazing Program. Worth the money. While Sellozo is new they are amazing! Because of Sellozo, I have more time to spend with my family rather then keep daily tabs on my sponsored ads which can take some time and cause some frustration. They handle the bidding as well as the keywords. The team is very helpful. When I first started They stayed on the phone with me for a full hour answering all my questions."

Randa Hatoum

"Amazon sponsored ads can drain your bank account If you spend any ad money on Amazon but don't have the time and/or knowledge to manage the complexity of their campaign reports, you will undoubtedly waste money. I am incredibly happy I have found Sellozo, they have saved me $1,000s in ad spent in just 30 days, and I cannot see my Amazon business running without having their help. I get to schedule calls every week to get updates and give my input of what I want improved, they work on it diligently and get back to me with a full report every time. Excellent company."


"Fantastic Automated Ad Platform! I recently started using Sellozo and have found it to be a fantastic platform to help with my PPC advertising for Amazon. I have been struggling with my PPC campaigns in getting them to do what I needed them to do without spending all of my profit on advertising. After working with Scott (one of their consultants), I feel very confident that my campaigns will be much more effect. He explained the way the software works and helped me set it up. This is a must have for Amazon sellers and I HIGHLY recommend it. The one-on-one help is, alone, invaluable!"

Sandra Baker

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  1. Pricing starts as low as $149
  2. We will never charge you based on percentages or volume- only Sku’s
  3. No additional fees

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Sellozo is an analytics and growth suite created to help Amazon sellers just like you to manage with clarity, scale with confidence, and succeed with consistency. 

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