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Essential metrics enable informed decision-making for Amazon sellers.

Amazon Analytics and Reporting software

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Compiling useful data is one thing; understanding how you can use it to grow your business in a consistent, scalable manner is another. With Sellozo’s advanced Amazon Analytics and Reporting software for sellers, you can do both with confidence.

The user-friendly design of our Amazon Analytics and Reporting software allows you to take a deep dive into the data behind your business, identify trends, opportunities and find the key insights.

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Amazon Analytics and Reporting Software Features

  • Product performance analytics and reporting
  • Granular Analysis of Sales, Costs, Profit, and Profit Margin (down to the SKU-level)
  • Organic Sales Reporting
  • Weekly Trend Snapshot
  • Amazon Fee & Transaction Analysis: Sellozo’s Financial Reporting dashboard makes it easy for Sellers to view a complete stream of all Amazon transaction events in an easy, intuitive interface.
  • And more!

Advanced Reporting Tools

Here’s a look at some of the unique benefits of Sellozo’s advanced Amazon Analytics and Reporting software

Detailed data

Instantly gain a clear understanding of your business’s performance down to the most granular level.

No guesswork

Always know why with compilable data sets that reveal trends, patterns, and valuable performance insights.

Confidential costs

We keep your cost information private and never share your data with anyone, including Amazon.

Fees demystified 

We track all fees you incur and provide detailed information about how they’re impacting your bottomline.

Analytics & Reporting

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Introduce a new level of insight to your Amazon PPC campaigns through advanced reporting and analytics. Schedule a consultation with a Sellozo expert to learn more about how to grow your Amazon business through easy-to-use automation software.

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"I've been selling on Amazon for about 5 years now, and I've tried multiple ad agencies and SaaS apps to help me with my Amazon PPC...needless to say, Sellozo has so far been "Best-in-Class" for my needs. Now don't get me wrong, I'm writing this review because I was asked to, not because I want to...Sellozo has been one of my secret weapons (not so secret anymore) for almost a year now! And as long as they continue to offer value and personalized service, I will remain a loyal client."

Jarod King

"I partner with Sellozo to help me get a better grasp of my PPC programs with my clients. They are the best to work with and have great customer service."

Andrew Morgans

"I have used many PPC solutions for Amazon Sponsored Ads and Sellozo is the BEST!"

Benjamin Preisner Amazon Global Selling

"Amazon sponsored ads can drain your bank account If you spend any ad money on Amazon but don't have the time and/or knowledge to manage the complexity of their campaign reports, you will undoubtedly waste money. I am incredibly happy I have found Sellozo, they have saved me $1,000s in ad spent in just 30 days, and I cannot see my Amazon business running without having their help. I get to schedule calls every week to get updates and give my input of what I want improved, they work on it diligently and get back to me with a full report every time. Excellent company."


"Awesome company and phenomenal customer service. Scott has done a tremendous job on key word research that has proven very successful. We continue to grow on Amazon through Sellozo's PPC execution. If you're an Amazon seller, you'd be a fool not to use Sellozo!"

Caroline Portis

"Sellozo is a great company for your Amazon needs. They are always available and always ready to help. There is no better company out there for Campaign Management then Sellozo"

Isaac Douek

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  1. Pricing starts as low as $149
  2. We will never charge you based on percentages or volume- only Sku’s
  3. No additional fees
  4. Included for FREE with every plan

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