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Sellozo is an analytics and growth suite engineered to help Amazon sellers just like you manage with clarity, scale with confidence, and succeed with consistency. 

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Ad Automation Toolset

Our Features

Our Features

The Sellozo suite of analytics and growth tools is quickly becoming the industry standard for Amazon sellers looking to add clarity and confidence to their business. Here’s a look at the powerful Sellozo features:

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Amazon PPC Optimization Software

Data-driven AI automatically optimizes your Amazon PPC ads to drive growth. Set your ACoS goals for each campaign and Sellozo will optimize your ads to hit those goals. Drive sales, increase profitability, and lower your ACoS.

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Amazon PPC Campaign Management

Sellozo’s revolutionary tool allows you to automatically set up complex campaign structures and keyword rules to maximize sales and increase profitability. Keyword discovery to ensure your products are in front of the right customers at the right time.

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ProductVu Dashboard

Looking for a tool to be able to track your Amazon metrics at the product level? Sellozo's ProductVu Dashboard is specially designed for the busy Amazon seller looking to increase their efficiency and see information by ASIN.

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Analytics & Reporting

How do you know if you've run a successful Amazon marketing campaign? You follow through with in-depth analytics & reporting.

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Hear from Real Amazon Sellers

"Awesome company and phenomenal customer service. Scott has done a tremendous job on key word research that has proven very successful. We continue to grow on Amazon through Sellozo's PPC execution. If you're an Amazon seller, you'd be a fool not to use Sellozo!"

Caroline Portis

"I've been selling on Amazon for about 5 years now, and I've tried multiple ad agencies and SaaS apps to help me with my Amazon PPC...needless to say, Sellozo has so far been "Best-in-Class" for my needs. Now don't get me wrong, I'm writing this review because I was asked to, not because I want to...Sellozo has been one of my secret weapons (not so secret anymore) for almost a year now! And as long as they continue to offer value and personalized service, I will remain a loyal client."

Jarod King

"Fantastic Automated Ad Platform! I recently started using Sellozo and have found it to be a fantastic platform to help with my PPC advertising for Amazon. I have been struggling with my PPC campaigns in getting them to do what I needed them to do without spending all of my profit on advertising. After working with Scott (one of their consultants), I feel very confident that my campaigns will be much more effect. He explained the way the software works and helped me set it up. This is a must have for Amazon sellers and I HIGHLY recommend it. The one-on-one help is, alone, invaluable!"

Sandra Baker

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*Applies to first-time customers only

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