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Dayparting Best Practices For Amazon PPC

Best Practices / May 12, 2021

Best Practices for Dayparting in Sellozo’s Amazon PPC Manager

If you’ve ever cracked open your laptop to log into your Amazon seller central account only to find your sales at zero and your PPC budgets maxed out, you understand the confusion and frustration that ensues.  It’s a costly experience especially if it begins to be an ongoing pattern, a pattern to which doesn’t seem to have rhyme or reason. 

But what if we told you that shoppers’ habits greatly influence their purchase decisions? What if there was a way to limit clicks, and increase conversions by targeting select days of the week as well as the time of day?

Understanding shopping habits are essential in an Amazon business. Dayparting may be just the thing you need to prevent the above scenario from happening, allowing you to save money and maximize your PPC returns.

In this article, we’ll explore what dayparting is and how Sellozo’s Amazon PPC management can help you leverage dayparting in your Amazon advertising strategy.

Amazon Dayparting Made Easy
Dayparting Made Easy by Sellozo

What is Dayparting?

Dayparting in Amazon refers to scheduling PPC campaigns to run during optimal times of the day. 

Sellers can benefit from dayparting as they select which hours of the day campaigns run for optimal performance, better conversion, and a lower ACoS. Dayparting is really about efficiency.

When you begin your sales journey on Amazon, it’s always a good idea to build out a target audience and a specific buyer avatar. The more you know about your customers, the better the shopping experience you can provide. In cases such as dayparting, this information can help you understand what times of day your audience is most active on your Amazon listing. Thus preventing wasted ad spend, and unnecessary clicks.

Dayparting Best Practices
Sellozo’s Amazon Dayparting Is Right For Your Amazon Advertising

What are the Advantages of Dayparting?

Aside from the obvious benefit of saving your Amazon PPC ad budget, there are a few other key benefits of dayparting you should be aware of:

    1. Helps sellers avoid the rush of traffic & unnecessary clicks early in the morning when bids have been reset from the previous day.
    2. Reduce or lower bids during peak periods of high competition.
    3. Schedule ad spends during the day when conversion is known to be higher.
    4. Adjust PPC bids based on location, season, and other social platform engagement.


What are the Disadvantages of Dayparting?

While Sellozo sees dayparting as advantageous for Amazon sellers, the concept is not without a bit of controversy. 

    1. Some argue that Amazon does not provide sufficient data to fully benefit from dayparting. Whether this will change over time we can’t say for certain, but we are certainly hopeful. If you are a part of the ARA Premium program, you do have access to retail analytics that can provide more detailed insight into shopping patterns. However, not every seller will be enrolled in this program.
    2. Dayparting can be a time-consuming experience. Sellozo’s Amazon PPC Manager solves this problem by automating your dayparting bid request and leveraging back your time.
    3. If a seller isn’t using software like Sellozo to automate the process, dayparting can seem like a costly gamble as sellers attempt to find optimal times of day to place bids.

While there may be a few downsides, the benefits can far outweigh the risks. Testing campaigns is a great way to understand shopping patterns and habits and learn how to adjust your dayparting bids accordingly.


Ask yourself these questions to Leverage Dayparting in your Amazon PPC Management Experience

    1. What are your goals with dayparting? Are you looking to drive traffic to your Amazon listing, or perhaps spread brand awareness without gaining unnecessary clicks?
    2. What are the demographics of your buyer avatar and target audience. (Age, location, income bracket, etc.)
    3. Have you performed enough research within your category and niche to truly understand your buyer’s habits of your specific products?


All of this information combined will help you determine best practices for dayparting within your Sellozo account.


Tips to Consider when Dayparting within Sellozo

    1. Avoid the peak hours of midnight to 5-6 am. Most people are sleeping in North America during these times, and as we have mentioned the early morning rush to Amazon is said to be a lower conversion rate for most sellers.
    2. Measure performance based on days of the week, and alter campaigns to best suit those particular days. For example, do you notice that Fridays tend to be your best sales day? You would simply adjust your dayparting bids to suit Fridays. 
    3. Set timing to target buyers when they are shopping.
    4. Stop campaigns when shoppers aren’t converting. No sense in spending your own hard-earned cash unnecessarily.
    5. Customize timing for every campaign individually. Unlike other Amazon PPC management software, Sellozo allows you to daypart each individual campaign.
    6. Gain expert advice from Sellozo’s experienced Amazon PPC manager team. We’re here for you every step of your PPC journey. We’ll guide you through our best dayparting practices and how-tos.


For a full tutorial of Dayparting within Sellozo, click play on the video below:


Sellozo's Dayparting For Amazon PPC

Final Thoughts

To daypart or not to daypart that is the question?! 

Finding the best PPC strategy for your Amazon business will depend on a few factors and considerations. With the help of Sellozo’s automated PPC manager, you’ll be able to automate your dayparting bids. No more wasted time and money trying to manage bids, this is automation at its finest!

Testing and reviewing your dayparting bids will help you achieve the best case results for your Amazon business. You’ll be able to lower your AcoS, manage unnecessary clicks, and cater to your target audience.

Optimize your advertising and return on ad spend, check out our 14-day free trial!

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