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Sellozo delivers results. Our clients’ success is a testament to that. We invite you to explore these case studies and learn more about Sellozo’s results and the benefits to Amazon sellers and agencies.

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"I partner with Sellozo to help me get a better grasp of my PPC programs with my clients. They are the best to work with and have great customer service."

Andrew Morgans

"Excellent experience with Sellozo Ascend Tools has been with Sellozo since May 2018. You can do everything manually on Amazon advertising and build your own spreadsheets and keep updating data OR you can let Sellozo do it for you so you can concentrate on scaling your business. The data collection, organization and presentation is very impressive. In the past year I have had few calls with them and each time I came away with how to help our business. I highly recommend Sellozo for growing your business."

Ascend Tools Ascend Tools

"I have used many PPC solutions for Amazon Sponsored Ads and Sellozo is the BEST!"

Benjamin Preisner Amazon Global Selling

"These guys are incredibly helpful and take pride in optimizing your business for you. Highly recommended."

Trevor C.

"My team at Sellozo is world class at their craft, they spent serious time going over my unique and intense advertising with over 8,000 Ads. Currently they have cut my ACOS by almost 50% and continue to fine tune Ad sales while also increasing organic sales and keyword positioning. A+ service."

Robert S.

"As an solo Amazon consultant I have limited time to spend on PPC Management, so I have also suggested my clients with a large product catalog to use Sellozo's Managed plan. They have seen better than expected results with the Managed plan. I will be recommending all of my clients to use Sellozo's Managed plan from here on out."

Megan Stanczak

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