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Amazon Advertising Best Practices

Building & Utilizing Amazon Sponsored Brand – Video Ads

Best Practices / December 22, 2020

Sponsored Brand Video Advertising on Amazon

Sponsored Brand Video Advertising on Amazon is one of their newest Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising types and is currently in Beta mode on Amazon.  Initially, this type of Sponsored Brand campaign was only available to a select few Brand Registered sellers, however, in the past few months, Amazon has made this option accessible to more Amazon Brand Registered sellers.  The capacity to launch a Sponsored Brand Video Advertising campaign is another great reason to be Brand Registered on Amazon.  

Have you seen any video ads while you’re perusing Amazon?  They are really eye-catching!  You may have noticed that there is only one video ad spot per page and the videos auto-repeat. When you’re ready to launch your Pay-Per-Click Sponsored Brand Video ad campaign from Amazon Seller Central, you’ll select one product ASIN to showcase and indicate which keywords you would like to target.  Amazon has specific video and audio eligibility requirements when uploading a video for your Sponsored Brand Video campaign.  These requirements at this time are (subject to change):


Video specs

  • 16:9 aspect ratio
  • 1280 x 720px, 1920 x 1080px or 3840 x 2160px
  • 23.976, 24, 25, 29.97, 29.98, or 30 fps
  • 1 Mbps or higher bit rate
  • H.264 or H.265 codec
  • 6-45 sec long
  • 500 MB or smaller
  • MP4 or MOV file
  • Main or baseline profile
  • Progressive scan type
  • 1 video stream only

Audio specs

  • 44.1 kHz or higher sample rate
  • PCM, AAC or MP3 codec
  • 96 kbps or higher bit rate
  • Stereo or mono format
  • Not more than 1 audio stream

Our team at Sellozo has a few extra Amazon Advertising best practices for you to consider when preparing your video content:

  • If you can’t afford professional production or lifestyle videos we have seen success with stock video footage being cropped in with product shots. This is not as effective but is still showing to have a higher Return On Investment than traditional Sponsored Product advertisements.
  • Sell the lifestyle. Lifestyle videos do significantly better than product only videos and the further the video sells the lifestyle your Brand represents the better the Click Through Rate.
  • Do not include a phone number, website, or any social media reference that could direct customers off Amazon as this is a violation of their Terms of Service.
  • Have legible captions on screen in the first 5 seconds. We find very few people enable audio but they are reading text on the screen. Having captions that talk about your product differentiator in the first 5 seconds has made a significant difference in Amazon A/B testing. It’s best to have the video visualizing the differentiator along with the captions if possible.

Sellozo’s ad automation tool can optimize Sponsored Brand Video Advertisements, making Pay-Per-Click Bid Adjustments towards your Target Advertising Cost of Sales (ACoS).  Consider adding one or more video ads to your Amazon ads strategy to build your brand presence, engage desktop and mobile device shoppers, and in combination with Sponsored Product ads to really saturate the page with your PPC advertisements.

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