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Building A Full Funnel Marketing Strategy On Amazon

Amazon Basics / July 27, 2021

Full funnel marketing is the practice of pushing shoppers from brand awareness all the way down to your store page with different advertising strategies and is the best way to get value out of your Amazon PPC ads. Building a sales funnel allows you to capture attention at different points of each customer’s journey. Shoppers enter sales funnels at various points, so it’s important to build out a robust and streamlined strategy.

Full Funnel Marketing – Building Brand Awareness

The top of the funnel covers a large surface area. It’s the widest and most general touchpoint, and it focuses on building brand awareness by getting your products and brand in front of potential customers. Amazon DSP, or demand-side publishing, is a great way to accomplish this. Amazon DSP utilizes Amazon’s network of websites and partners to show your display, video, and audio ads to people in the earliest stages of their shopping experience, often not even on the Amazon website or app at all.

Increasing Product Consideration

Once customers are aware of your brand, you need to present your products to them for consideration. Teach them about your brand and connect with them by making emotionally captivating content. Running sponsored brand ads in broad categories is a great way to do this, as they allow you to push videos to customers who are still looking for inspiration and haven’t yet narrowed their search. Use these PPC ads to send customers to your store page, and make sure customers can easily learn more about your brand.

Standing Out from the Crowd

Customers narrow their consideration to a few brands or products before making a purchase. At this point in the funnel, your goal is to place your pay-per-click ads where they will convince customers that your product’s unique selling point makes it a great choice. Use product targeting in your Amazon PPC ads to help customers compare your product to the competition, or to capture their attention while they are looking at a product that compliments yours.

Engaging Motivated Customers

Now that you’re near the bottom of the Amazon funnel, your audience is very narrow and very motivated. Customers who reach this point of the funnel need to be reminded of your product and pushed in the right direction.

Run Amazon pay-per-click ads with specific keywords, especially long-tail keywords that include your brand name or the specific product you’re building a sales funnel for. Focus on remarketing or recapture to bring back customers who have browsed away, hesitated, or otherwise had a lapse in their journey. Since customers in this stage already know your brand and your product, take advantage of familiarity.

Sealing the Deal with Retail Readiness

The last and most narrow part of building a sales funnel on Amazon is the actual store page for your product. Compared to your brand awareness PPC ads, very few customers will make it to your store page. Make sure you make a great impression right off the bat by having:

  • Several high-resolution zoomable product images
  • Detailed product descriptions that summarize important points with easily digestible bulleted lists and anticipate customers’ questions
  • Thoughtful word choice in your product’s title, focused on the customer and not the algorithm
  • Ratings and reviews to build trust
  • Useful answers to customer questions

Although this is the last step, it should be the first step you work on when building a full-funnel pay-per-click strategy on Amazon. Your product page needs to be retail ready before you start running any ads to make sure customers have everything they need to solidify their decision when they click on one.

A full funnel marketing strategy empowers you to reach new audiences, stand out from competitors, generate real returns on investment with increased sales, and even develop brand loyalty with your customers. Combining tactics to create a comprehensive strategy is far more effective than focusing on any single tactic or goal. Each stage benefits from the previous and next one, putting your marketing budget to work that much harder.

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