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What To Look For In The Best Amazon PPC Tool

Amazon Basics / March 12, 2021

Whether or not products show up on the first few pages of the world’s largest online marketplace is key to an Amazon seller’s success. The customer’s tendency is to only view the first few pages before selecting and finalizing their purchases.

With thousands of products vying for top placements on the first couple pages of Amazon, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is an essential and critical method to gaining visibility at different phases of your selling journey.

Amazon’s Pay Per Click Advertising is fundamental to a seller’s business for many reasons, not only to sales and profits. PPC also assists with ranking, indexing, as well as helping to build brand awareness.

But, here’s the thing, Amazon sellers are often overwhelmed with the routine duties in their businesses and the extensive data analysis involved in understanding their numbers, forecasting projections, and learning extensive advertising and marketing systems.

In this article, we’ll break down what to look for in a reliable Amazon PPC tool, with the purpose of simplifying your PPC management software shopping.


In case you missed our previous articles, here is a small overview of PPC Advertising.

Pay Per Click Advertising on Amazon is a model of advertising in which sellers pay per click to have their ads promoted throughout different placements.

PPC is offered in various forms and differs depending on your type of business on Amazon. For those that are enrolled in the Brand Registry program, advertising includes video content, live streaming, and specialized product placement ads that can be targeted against competitors.

While PPC is essential to an Amazon business model, it is often misunderstood and lacks methodical thinking for longer-term positive results. What does this mean? Sellers tend to glaze over PPC not fully understanding how to best implement it and manage it.

PPC is critical to driving traffic to listings on Amazon and your products getting viewed. Competition can stiffen at any point in Amazon, and as your business trajectory ebbs and flows you may have to have a more or less aggressive advertising strategy depending on the climate within your niche.

Amazon PPC Sellozo


Amazon sellers are inundated with tasks and as we mentioned, the learning curve in PPC can far outweigh a sellers’ initial knowledge base, but also the time they have to manage multiple SKUs or products. It’s simply unrealistic for a growing brand to manage multiple campaigns and organize them accordingly.

Sellozo is uniquely different from other PPC management companies for a variety of reasons, but one significant difference is the “set it and forget it” style of management. Unlike most Amazon PPC management software, a Sellozo user isn’t required to input multiple data points and rules in order to effectively manage their campaigns. 

Sellozo’s algorithm and interface are designed to analyze, understand, and adjust to your advertising campaign’s targets.

Sellozo also spends an incredible amount of time onboarding each individual client to offer the best service and most productive results possible, setting a user up for long-term success in understanding the platform and its many capabilities.

Aside from Sellozo, look for an Amazon PPC management tool that offers robust management services and one that doesn’t leave you scrambling to self-manage PPC aspects that can easily be overwhelming.



The most obvious benefit to PPC management software and exclusively Sellozo software is the benefit of reducing overall ACoS or ad spend. But, not every software is equal, and so it’s important to look for the following key cost-saving factors when choosing your advertising management software.

Sellers using Sellozo for Amazon advertising automation saw an average 70% increase in ad profit.”

  1. Hyper-focused keyword targeting can help the user save money by avoiding the typical guesswork and dance of most PPC bidding strategies. When sourcing a PPC tool review how that tool organizes and streamlines its keyword targeting options. Pro Tip: Sellozo offers the only drag-and-drop visual keyword discovery system in the market! Sellozo’s Campaign Studio makes sure your ads target the right keywords at the right time. Set a target margin and Sellozo’s AI-driven machine learning automatically adjusts your campaigns, ad groups, and keywords to hit your targets. 
  2. Cash flow is a reality for any business on Amazon, and with that in mind, we suggest finding a PPC tool that offers fair and transparent pricing. Pro Tip: Sellozo charges one flat rate that doesn’t increase or decrease depending on your profitability.



Effective and strategic Amazon advertising campaigns build brand awareness, but also help establish brand loyalty.

Being brand registered means a user can leverage sponsored display and brand ads, with the further advantage of directing traffic to storefronts and establishing high-quality visibility. Without expertise, these ads can drain an Amazon seller’s budget without yielding any valuable results.

Look for software that leverages automated ad placement, as well as customized ad placements. More control over your ads makes more sense, but automation with extensive AI intelligence in understanding the Amazon platform is also crucial; especially if you are a Brand Registered seller.


Having robust analytics and reporting options allows users to properly understand their business. When looking for PPC management software be sure to get an overview of the type of data and reporting they offer. Many lack the depth most large agencies require to appropriately scale brands with multiple products.

Sellozo analyzes your cost of goods and shows the true profitability overall and at a product level so you can better understand your business and make better decisions.

Find trends, examine keywords and weigh insights every step of the way gaining you a better advantage against your competition and in your growth.


Many of the Amazon ad platforms out there charge sellers based on the amount they spend on advertising or by the amount of sales their advertising brings in. In both cases, your fees grow as your business grows. Sellozo is a flat fee structure based on the number of ASINs or SKUs you have using the software.

So if you have 10 SKUs but sell $1M dollars, your price is still the same as if you sold $10K.

Whether you’re new to Amazon, an experienced seller, or an Agency managing multiple accounts with many products, proper PPC management software can have a transformational impact on your Amazon business.

Aside from saving money, Sellozo understands the investment of time and productivity that sellers pour into their Amazon businesses. Selecting the best PPC tool available to you is your key to skyrocketing your business, and keeping your sanity.

Sellozo Amazon PPC Software Tool – Dashboard

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