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Amazon Sponsored Brand Store Spotlight Ad Campaigns

News / December 15, 2020

Amazon sellers have even more options in regards to Advertising on Amazon if they are Brand Registered.  If you have yet to start the process for Brand Registry, now is the time!  One of the newest types of Sponsored Brand Campaigns that can direct shoppers to your Amazon Store is the Store Spotlight.  Once you are Brand Registered, the next step would be to create your Amazon Store.  One of the great benefits of having your own Amazon Store is that it is the one place on Amazon free from competitors. When your Amazon Store is set up, you’ll be able to launch a Sponsored Brand Store Spotlight campaign.  This newer ad type is amazing because you can select up to 3 different sub-categories of products within your Amazon Store to have shoppers directed to. Store Spotlight ads offer more customization than the traditional Sponsored Brand headline ad, as you can choose your images and logo. Be aware that as of right now, editing a Store Spotlight creative is not possible after launch.  

This type of Sponsored Brand campaign targets keywords OR products (ASINs) so you are able to decide which keywords/products/categories you want to advertise on and can set your bid. However, you’ll be able to choose either keywords or product targeting during the initial launch but not both in the same Store Spotlight campaign. Store Spotlight Sponsored Brands can help increase your brand visibility, build brand awareness, expand brand loyalty, and can be a beneficial component in your Amazon Ads management portfolio.

Since Store Spotlight Campaigns are a type of Sponsored Brand Ad, they have a 14-day attribution window.  Be mindful of this time frame when evaluating the performance of your Store Spotlight Campaign.  Amazon is providing a valuable metric with Sponsored Brand Ads known as New-to-Brand.  This metric assesses if an order is from an existing purchaser of your brand or if they have not purchased from your brand within the past 12 months, then the order is considered New-To-Brand.  New-To-Brand order and New-To-Brand sales are important data points to review when building up your brand presence on Amazon.

Expand your Amazon ads strategy by trying out a Sponsored Brand Store Spotlight campaign and automate Pay-Per-Click Bid Adjustments using Sellozo’s ad automation tool to help you reach your Target Advertising Cost of Sales (ACOS).

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