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Amazon PPC Strategy for 2021

Optimizations / February 5, 2021

The Sellozo team pulled together Amazon PPC strategy expertise from the support and account teams to put together this Q&A session for Amazon sellers who are looking to better understand their Amazon PPC strategy.  Here’s the recap from our January 27, 2021 webinar:

2021 Amazon PPC Advertising Strategy:

A Q&A Webinar with Amazon Experts

In this webinar, Sellozo’s Amazon selling experts set up a fast and furious Q&A style session to discuss Amazon advertising :

  • :57 – What do you think about running Amazon PPC from day one?

  • 1:21 – What is the point of Amazon PPC in general?  Is it to find keywords or for ranking for specific keywords? Both?

  • 1:54 – When we set up campaigns, what are the starting bids you suggest for the Automatic campaigns and Manual campaigns?

  • 2:36 – How many campaigns are ideal for a product?

  • 3:50 – What are the different uses for negative keywords?

  • 5:11 – What do you recommend: one ad group per campaign to be able to manage budget per ad group instead of per campaign?

  • 6:20 – What should my ad budget be?

  • 8:00 – When setting up a campaign, should I use dynamic up or down or dynamic down only?

  • 10:30 – How do I use the ad placement option?

  • 12:52 – How many keywords do you suggest per research campaign and broad?

  • 14:50 – When do you get rid of a research keyword that doesn’t produce sales after generating expenses?

  • 15:55 – When you see an ASIN with conversions in the search term report, what do you do with it?

  • 16:50 – How often should I be adjusting my bids and when do I raise them up or down?

  • 18:00 – I’m getting a lot of clicks, but my conversion rate is low.  How can I fix this?

  • 20:45 – Would you set up variants in separate Amazon PPC campaigns or organize them in ad groups within the same campaign?

  • 21:55 – A lot of your advice is for a manufacturer, anything you would suggest for a wholesaler or distributor on Amazon?

  • 23:30 – What type of scenarios would you use the dynamic up/down versus the dynamic down?

  • 24:30 – Do you need to repeatedly add a negative keyword to a campaign or do you need to add it multiple times?

  • 25:15 – What’s the difference between Sellozo’s methodology and Quartile’s methodology?

  • 27:20 – What’s a good Amazon PPC strategy for a new product launch? 

  • 30:05 – Amazon Advertising is suggesting I not have so many campaigns.  They suggest that I only have three campaigns to keep the same keywords in different campaigns from competing with each other.

  • 32:30 – I use dynamic up/down when I’m running a lightning deal and it works really well.  The second question, do you have insights on the best times of day to run your ad?

  • 33:50 – I noticed that since I started using Sellozo my bids are higher than the Amazon suggested bid.  What factors go into this?

  • 35:50 – What kind of keyword do you put in research campaigns?  Only root keywords?

  • 36:55 – I’m a newbie to Amazon PPC.  I’ve been burned by companies before but I know I need help.  I’m a big fan of Tatiana James and that’s what brings me here.

  • 37:25 – What kind of keywords do you consider to be a good performer in discovery in research campaigns? What do you do with it? What do you bid on it?

  • 38:49 – What are your thoughts on running coupons for lightning deals?  When and how often would you recommend running those?

  • 41:50 – If I have a parent listing with many child listings should I only put one child listing into a campaign or should I put all of them/

  • 42:52 – Would you run a low bid catch-all campaign alongside your individual automatic campaigns for each of those products?

  • 43:58 – What are your thoughts on Amazon PPC campaign dayparting?  Does it work? What are the best scenarios to use it?

  • 45:15 – Can you talk about how you’re leveraging sponsored display for remarketing?  Are you running unique campaigns for each option, like similar products versus your products?

  • 46:10 – We use the Amazon attribution tool to help track traffic from sources like Facebook, Google, and Tiktok ads but the data seems really out of wack.  Have you seen this work or do you have thoughts on the attribution tool? And can you talk about your thoughts on running ads using category targeting with a sponsored brand and sponsored display?

  • 48:26 – What are your thoughts on pricing? Should I increase my price so I can spend more on ads or will that lower my conversion rate? How do you determine a happy medium?

  • 49:40 – Where can I see a Sellozo demo?

  • 50:05 – Can you talk more about sponsored video ads?

  • 51:25 – Thoughts on using Amazon Demand-Side Platform (Amazon DSP)?

  • 52:47 – I have an exact match campaign and a keyword.  At what point do I know that I don’t need to raise my bid anymore?

  • 55:00 – Amazon wants your product on a white background.  Do sellers really need to do that?


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