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Learn how to optimize your Amazon advertising and increase sales with Sellozo

Starting Sellozo

If you’re ready to begin using Sellozo, we have more good news: Implementing our Amazon PPC software is as easy as the click of a button!


Sign up and Connect

Sign up and follow the simple prompts to connect your Amazon MWS account.

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Import and Analyze

Once you’ve connected your Amazon MWS account to Sellozo, we’ll import your campaign data to the Sellozo Automation Optimizer. The Optimizer will analyze historical performance data, keywords and phrases, so it can later optimize your pay-per-click campaigns.

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Ready, Set, Sell

Turn on the Sellozo Optimizer and begin using the suite of Sellozo features like Campaign Studio and Ad Automation.

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Ongoing Support

Need help with your Sellozo account? No matter your level of experience, Sellozo’s team of Amazon Seller experts are ready to help you set up your account, optimize your existing business, and help with unique questions.

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Hear from real Amazon sellers

"I'm an seller based in the USA and heard about Sellozo from the guys at ASM. I had my on-boarding with Scott this morning and he was super helpful. He went above and beyond with his advice regarding my listing. I'm super excited to have partnered with Sellozo and feel confident they their product will make a big difference to my conversions. Thanks again Scott!"

Jenny Richards

"I have been with Sellozo for over a year now. Their on-boarding process was great - starting with business goals to sales goals and teaching basic functions to accomplish goals. A year later Sellozo has some serious enhancements. Most important is data collection, organization and presentation. I can now see how each keyword is performing - down to that detail. Surely, you can spend a lot of time on Amazon and find that out but if Sellozo can do it efficiently it saves a lot of time. I have had few calls with them within last year; each staff member was very knowledgeable about Amazon processes and how Ozo can help my business"

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Our Features

Our Features

The Sellozo suite of analytics and growth tools is quickly becoming the industry standard for Amazon sellers looking to add clarity and confidence to their business. Here’s a look at Sellozo’s powerful software features that can hep you do the same:

Ad Automation & Dayparting

Sellozo is an analytics & growth suite created to help Amazon sellers manage with clarity, scale with confidence, and succeed with consistency. 

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Campaign Studio

Sellozo is an analytics & growth suite created to help Amazon sellers manage with clarity, scale with confidence, and succeed with consistency.

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Analytics & Reporting

How do you know if you've run a successful Amazon marketing campaign? You follow through with in-depth analytics & reporting.

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Product Pricing Automation

Wouldn't it be nice if your Amazon prices were automated to ensure you stay competitive in your market? Now you can. Sellozo's suite of Amazon seller tools makes it easy.

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ProductVu Dashboard

Looking for an amazon product research tool? Sellozo's ProductVu Dashboard is especially designed for the busy Amazon seller looking to increase their efficiency.

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Amazon Expert Support

Whether you've been selling on Amazon for three months or multiple years, there's always room to improve.

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