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Amazon PPC Management with Sellozo

Amazon Basics / September 8, 2021

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising on Amazon allows sellers to reach more potential customers, increase brand awareness, and drive sales. Find out how Amazon PPC management service with Sellozo can streamline campaign optimization, saving your business time and money.

When optimized consistently, Amazon PPC ads can be incredibly effective. But often, sellers and agencies struggle to hit their target advertising cost of sales (ACoS). Sellozo’s tools make regular, effective bid optimization sustainable, allowing you to scale Amazon PPC management as your business grows.

Simplified, automated PPC optimization scales with your business

If you want to keep your Amazon business profitable, regular PPC optimization is essential. You need to frequently monitor your campaign metrics and adjust keyword bids so that you’re not overspending on underperforming ads.

Poorly optimized bids mean you’re either not winning a high enough placement in search results or you’re wasting money on expensive bids that aren’t generating more sales relative to your ad spend.

If you’re only managing a few campaigns, manual bid optimization can be effective. But once you start running multiple campaigns and selling a variety of products on Amazon, handling bid optimization manually can be highly inefficient and difficult to do properly.

Sellozo makes it simple and easy to optimize your Amazon ads. Our Amazon PPC management tools integrate with your seller account, allowing you to import the last 60 days of data. Then, you can immediately start optimizing ads, saving you time and allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business.

Amazon PPC Management Tools

Sellozo’s platform lets you start optimizing campaigns right away

Often, Amazon PPC management tools are rules-based, which means you have to manually set up metric-based bid optimization rules to guide how your bids are adjusted. With its built-in algorithms, Sellozo’s platform allows you skip that time-consuming process and set up campaign optimization in three simple steps:

  • Select the campaign you want to optimize.
  • Enable the Sellozo optimizer tool for that campaign.
  • Set your target ACoS.

From there, the platform automatically makes daily adjustments to your keyword bids based on the target ACoS you’ve set for each campaign.

And you can set bid adjustments to be conservative or aggressive. We recommend conservative bid adjustments (10%) to test more bid amounts to gradually work toward the optimal amount. An aggressive approach (15%) potentially allows you to reach optimal bid levels faster. But the wider range of bids will result in less precise testing that can cause campaigns to overshoot your target ACoS, requiring further optimization.

Save time and money by setting ACoS targets per campaign

Because Sellozo allows you to easily set a specific target ACoS per campaign, you can efficiently reduce your ad spend and ACoS across your entire account. By setting individual campaign targets and gradually decreasing those targets over time, you can avoid dramatic adjustments to keyword bids.

While your target ACoS may be around 15% to 20%, individual campaigns may call for higher or lower profit margins. Sellozo’s settings allow you to choose a goal that’s close enough to your current campaign ACoS.

Having too large a difference between your current and target ACoS can hurt a campaign’s performance–the optimizer would significantly lower bids across the campaign’s keywords, costing you page placement, impressions, and clicks that are potentially driving sales.

Instead, you can repeatedly lower your target ACoS over time as Sellozo’s daily adjustments optimize bids and improve your campaigns’ performance.

So how does the algorithm help increase your sales and lower your ACoS? The platform:

  • Analyzes current traffic–impressions, clicks, and click-through rate (CTR)–for keywords.
  • Increases bids on keywords that aren’t getting enough impressions.
  • Decreases bids on keywords with impressions that aren’t leading to clicks or sales.
  • Adjusts bids until keyword ads are generating more sales relative to your ad spend.

Receive individual onboarding and expert onboarding with Sellozo

As soon as you begin the data import process, the Sellozo team asks sellers to book a one-on-one onboarding call with our support team. During the call, we:

  • Ask questions to learn about your business.
  • Give you a guided demo of how to use Sellozo’s optimizer tool.
  • Introduce you to the PPC Manager within the Sellozo platform dashboard.

We’ve provided over 5000 hours of support for Amazon sellers and agencies, with customized onboarding for your and your clients, full-access phone support, and training for your account managers and team members.

Automate how keywords are added and moved between ad campaigns

With Sellozo, not only can you easily set up daily bid optimization, but you can also run an automatic campaign that feeds positive and negative keywords into new manual campaigns. Based on thresholds that you can set and customize, successful keyword ads that result in a certain number of sales can be automatically added to a manual exact-match campaign.

This new campaign will be linked to your original automatic campaign, saving you time and automating tedious work. Without linked campaigns and Sellozo’s automated keyword feeding feature, you would have to manually move successful keywords from one campaign to the next. Then, you would need to add that term as a negative keyword in the automatic campaign to avoid doubling your ad spend on that keyword.

To set that up, all you have to do in the Sellozo platform is link them in your campaign studio, which the support team can demonstrate during your onboarding call. Then the tool takes care of all the transfer of keywords and makes a negative exact-match in your automatic campaign, alleviating tedious work for you and saving you even more time.

Experience the Sellozo platform for yourself

Strategic PPC optimization is essential for succeeding on Amazon. Sellozo makes bid optimization cost-effective and efficient, with a platform that’s simple to set up and expert support to guide you through all the PPC automation, management, and analytics tools.

See how Amazon PPC management with Sellozo can help lower your ACoS and increase your sales–sign up for a free 14-day trial today.

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