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SELLOZO: The Amazon PPC Automation Tool That’s Actually FUN To Use

Amazon Basics / August 19, 2021

Have you ever shopped for a wedding dress? Or tried to pick out the right beer at a new brewery? So much stress and anticipation for such an exciting event. Obviously, it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution which means you have to cater to your body, personality, and taste to pick the right one.

This is not dissimilar to finding the right PPC software to help with keyword research, PPC management, and campaigns. With the rise of Amazon sellers forges the need for automated processes to help Amazon businesses – not only stay afloat – but overshadow the competition.
Seeing a pronounced gap in the market for such tools, Amazon-focused software technology continues to see an upward trend of new players in the space.

But, just like some people enjoy IPA whereas others gravitate toward hard ciders, not every PPC software company fits the needs of every merchant. However, Sellozo’s robust and user-friendly Amazon PPC technology is hoping to change all of this, providing its users with a proprietary Chrome extension that accesses data straight from your Seller Central Account. 

Sellozo can do everything from helping you discover keywords for your campaigns to adjusting the bids to negative keyword creation (and even moving keywords between campaigns in a similar flow to Manychat’s platform).

In other words, all of the things that used to require manual workload such as downloading your search term reports or doing bulk file uploads or changing your PPC campaigns can now be done through an automated process which really does offer a one-size-fits-all solution.

What is Sellozo?

Sellozo is an Amazon advertising and repricing tool that is designed to provide sellers with help managing their Amazon sales channels. Sellozo’s stated focus is “to help sellers grow by providing tools and consulting to help them understand what it’s like to be an Amazon Seller.”

The PPC chrome extension is loaded with fun and exciting features. For example, you can turn the Sellozo optimizer option ON for any of your campaigns, set your goal target ACOS, and every day Sellozo will automatically adjust your bids to reach your target ACOS. In the campaign studio, you can actually map out a campaign pattern to have keywords transferred automatically for you.
You can also set different rules. If an automatic campaign is feeding a manual campaign, then every time a search term converts, this tool will convert those keywords into a search term and move them to the manual campaign. 

Intrigued yet? This tool has a bunch of other cool features that rival any other PPC strategizing tool on the market. Let’s dive deep into it.

Amazon PPC Automation Tool

“Oooooooh, your software sounds sexy. Tell me more…”

What Makes Sellozo’s Company The Best Amazon Automation PPC Tool On The Market?

Of course, every Amazon software company is going to tell you that theirs is the best. And, to be fair, there are a lot of good tools out there. But Sellozo’s founders were on a mission to create a tool that systematically placed control back in the hands of sellers. Regardless of where you are on your journey (albeit, starting fresh or currently owning a fruitful business), Sellozo has the instruments, assets, and backing you need to achieve PPC maintenance, scalability, and success. 

Features Of The Sellozo Plug-In

Advertising Automation Tool

Sellozo alleviates the complexity of advertising on Amazon. Its advanced technology helps shave off time by reducing the amount of analysis and bid adjustments you need to create your Amazon advertising campaigns.

The advertising tool optimizes campaigns by setting an ACoS target and helps you hit that target by adjusting your campaign bids and making keywords suggestions. Sellozo also helps by taking your best-performing keywords and automatically linking them to a manual campaign. It will then create negative keywords to help you prevent your automatic campaigns from continuing spending on keywords that have already been identified as profitable.

Amazon PPC Optimization Software

Campaign Data Studio

The Campaign Data Studio is an easy way to create keyword optimization flows to different campaigns and help you visualize the optimization process. They also conveniently track your keyword changes on a daily basis with a journal log so you can look back and see exactly what their tool is doing to optimize your advertising campaigns. 

Furthermore, Sellozo also provides one-on-one coaching sessions and troubleshooting to help you get the most out of your advertising account.

Amazon PPC Campaign Management

Business Analytics

No reliable software program would be worthy without the ability to assist you with seeing how your business performs on a daily basis. You can rapidly interface your MWS API to see your general deals execution and how it identifies with your advertising performance. 

Sellozo assists you with recognizing which items are the most productive and which are costing you the most on Amazon. This can help you shift your advertising spend to the most beneficial items and develop your main focus. 

The reporting gives a top-to-bottom breakdown of your Amazon expenses and what it means for your general benefit. Likewise, it shows you how you’re publicizing ads to help you develop and implement coveted deals. 

Amazon Analytics & Reporting Software

Product Repricing

Another feature that Sellozo offers is a product repricing tool. The repricing tool will update the price of your products on Amazon based on the criteria that you set. This can be extremely useful if you are selling on listings that have more than one offer and is a nice bonus considering other Amazon software companies sell this as a separate program.

The repricing tool also helps you view how well you are winning the Buy Box over a specific time period. Their repricing tool is the fastest Amazon repricer available and can help you maximize your profit without going outside of your minimum or maximum price range.

Amazon Ad Dayparting for PPC

You can now target the right people at the right time. Easily set your campaigns to run during the best converting times of the day. Sellozo will analyze your data and give you recommendations on when to target customers. Customize every campaign for every product because not all products sell the same way at the same time.

Amazon Ad Dayparting


Amazon Product Performance Tool

This section provides a clear view, detailing product performance. No spreadsheets, no confusion, no surprises. Sellozo’s Product Vu allows you to track product performance across your entire inventory and use that data to inform campaigns – all in one, user-friendly place.

ProductVu Dashboard

Amazon PPC Advertising Expertise

Get help from the best – regardless of whether you’re just starting your Amazon FBA business or currently managing a thriving operation. Sellozo’s Amazon Expert Support will connect you to real seller experts. It’s much easier than dealing with Seller Support and handles problems in real-time. 

Amazon Advertising Expert Support


Feedback From A Real Sellozo User

“The thing we really liked about the Sellozo tool was that it’s largely hands-off. Once you connect the account and set your ACoS targets, the tool can do the rest of the work for you. Connecting your Amazon MWS API can also provide some great reporting on how your overall Amazon business is doing.

“What we truly preferred about the Sellozo is that it’s simply amazing. When you interface the record and set your ACoS focuses, the plug-in can wrap up the work for you. Interfacing your Amazon MWS API also gives offers detailed, written feedback regarding how your general Amazon business is doing.”

Its standout features include:

  • Simplicity. It is easy to get set up.
  • Automation. Automatically changes bids, creates new keywords, and new PPC campaigns.
  • Results. It can help you hit your ACoS targets quickly.
  • Support. The team at Sellozo is very supportive and willing to have one-on-one calls whenever needed to address your concerns.
  • Pricing. The Sellozo tool is very affordable for anyone starting on Amazon.

“Hell yeah! This tool is gangsta.”

Want to learn more? Schedule a complimentary demo.

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