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Amazon PPC Advertising Strategy For Prime Day

Resources / June 16, 2021

Prepping Your Amazon PPC Advertising Strategy For Prime Day

Prime Day has become two of the largest shopping days in the world.  Sellers are often excited about the opportunities that Prime Day represents.  However, many don’t understand the preparations needed to get a great ROI and ACoS.  The Sellozo team hosted the webinar ‘Prepping Your Amazon PPC Advertising Strategy For Prime Day’ to tackle many of the concepts that sellers need to focus on when getting ready for Prime Day.

This webinar goes through statistics for previous Prime Day’s so you understand the impact Prime Day will have on your Amazon PPC.  The team also outlines many misconceptions about Amazon advertising on Prime Day.  Lastly, the panel outlines many strategies to efficiently use Amazon PPC on Prime Day and to enhance your ROI and ACoS.

:30 – Outline of the Panel – Dustin Kane, Kris Gramlich, Brock Gettemeier

What Happened During Prime Day 2020?
2:40 – Top Category Performance
4:09 – Search Volume Increases
5:45 – Amazon Ads Year-Over-Year Growth During Prime Day 2020
6:36 – Cost Per Click (CPC) Performance
8:06 – Click Through Rate (CTR) Drop
9:26 – Combining Tactics Ad Placements
11:15 – ACoS Performance

What To Expect During Prime Day 2021
12:39 – Amazon Sponsored Video Ads
14:02 – What to expect in 2021

Tactics To Consider For 2021
15:34 – Amazon Sponsored Video Ads
16:23 – Using Sponsored Brand Ads, Store Spotlight Ads, and Sponsored Product Ads Together

Budgeting For Prime Day
17:14 – Should you raise budgets? And if so, by how much?
19:12 – Are you using Sellozo? If so, you can utilize bulk campaign budget adjustments.

Misconceptions About Prime Day & Amazon Recommendations
20:17 – Should I be using the dynamic up/down bid strategy?

Using Relative Bid Adjustments
21:43 – What are relative bid adjustments? How do I use them?
22:36 – Should I raise bids? If so, on what targets?

Should I Be Participating In Amazon Prime Day as a Seller?
24:20 – Should I be participating?

26:08 – What are the best campaigns for Prime Day advertising?
27:50 – ACoS is bottoming out 10% below my target. What should be done?
28:32 – Would you dedicate a large portion of your budget to Sponsored Brands Ads due to the relevance of Sponsored Video Ads?
29:40 – Any recommendations for improving search term subject matter for Prime Day specifically?
30:55 – Best practices for building sales during Prime Day?
31:34 – Should you give a discount coupon instead of reducing the price?
32:52 – Do I need to create an Amazon campaign if my product is already in Prime or is it already going to be advertised?
33:35 – How much should I increase my ad spend for Prime Day?
34:44 – How do I build a bigger audience?
35:48 – What’s the lowest ACoS you’ve seen in Sponsored Display Ads?
38:45 – If you had one thing to do to prepare for Prime Day, what would you do?
39:12 – If we missed the deadline for Lightning Deals, what else can we do?
40:42 – So much of the Amazon Advertising feels like the rich get richer. How can we outsmart not just outspend our competition?
42:00 – Outside of Prime Day, with the goal of aggressive growth, would you add a small Top of Search multiplier to aid in the growth?
43:30 – Specific target ACoS for Prime Day. What is it?
44:42 – What would a preemptive strategy look like for your best product? A change of bids set up before a big event like Prime Day?
45:33 – Prime Exclusive Discount page says the window for submitting a deal is closed. I thought you said it was still open. Am I missing something?
47:00 – Any last-minute recommendations?



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