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Amazon Lockers: What You Need to Know

Amazon Basics / July 18, 2019

What is an Amazon Locker?

An Amazon Locker is a place you can get your orders delivered to if you don’t want it sent to your house or if you simply don’t have a safe place to have your items delivered. It is meant for your own convenience. You may be thinking why would anyone do that? Some people may be buying gifts for someone and don’t want to send it to their house because it is a surprise. It could also be more convenient to use a locker if you are somewhere on business or on vacation and need to order something but don’t want it sent to your hotel or wherever you are staying. It’s a way to make things easier for Amazon customers. 

How Do Amazon Lockers Work?

The Amazon locker is an easy 4 step process like shown below. 

amazon lockers

Below are some screenshots on what it looks like while going through the process. Amazon did a great job with making it straightforward and easy to understand. 

So again, you have the option of searching by address, zip code, etc which is extremely handy. The more options, the better. After choosing an option and searching it, you will get something similar to the screen on the right. Amazon has listed many different addresses that have Amazon Lockers. They also include a map to help you determine which one is closest to you. 

Where Are They Located?

The Amazon lockers are located in over 9,000 cities around the US. You can click here to see if there are any in your area. 

Below are a couple of facts to keep in mind when using the Amazon Lockers: 

  • You have 3 days to pick up your package or it returns back to Amazon and you are refunded
  • It’s free to use Amazon Lockers
  • You can also return items using the lockers 
  • Most items can be sent to the Amazon Lockers but there are weight and size restrictions 
  • You use a 6 digit unique code to unlock the locker
  • If you’re having trouble with the locker or the shipment is wrong, contact customer service immediately

amazon lockers

Why Should You Use an Amazon Locker? 

The Amazon Lockers are useful and were created for your convenience. If you see no need for it, then you can continue to send items to your home or office like normal. But if you find yourself needing to send a package somewhere else, then the lockers are a perfect option for you. You can visit the lockers when it is most convenient your schedule and it’s delivered where you need it to be. It is secure, fast and easy to handle.

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