Amazon Advertising Strategy

Meet the Sellozo Team

Meet the team of software engineers, Amazon seller experts, and customer service specialists who makes up Sellozo.


Nic Delorme

Nic has been building advertising technology platforms and running product/engineering teams for the last decade. Before Sellozo, Nic was CTO of Giant Media, a native and direct advertising company.

Head of Sales

Doug Harris

Doug oversees Sales at Sellozo. Previously, he lead Sales and Business Development at Giant Media and was Director of Partnerships at XOS Digital where he negotiated licensing deals with companies like ESPN, Buick and Under Armour.

Head of Customer Support

Brock Gettemeier

Brock’s background as Head of Growth at Arka, paired with his own experience as an Amazon Seller, brings a unique knowledge base and skillset to the team. As Sellozo’s Head of Customer Support, he leads the team providing meaningful support and insights to customers.

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