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Amazon Advertising Holiday Account Prep

Best Practices / November 17, 2021
Amazon Advertising Holiday Account Prep
Amazon Advertising Holiday Account Prep

Amazon Advertising Holiday Best Practices

The real Amazon Advertising holiday account prep happens well before Christmas Vacation starts playing on cable on repeat and Mariah’s “All I Want for Christmas is YOUUUUU” has you harmonizing with the radio. Brands should have inventory in place and listings up to snuff well in advance of the holiday season. The majority of PPC Advertising prep also happens early — optimizing campaigns and testing keywords throughout the year helps get ads in a great place for the busy buying season. The best thing you can do as a PPC Support Specialist makes slight adjustments to ads to keep up with traffic and competition.


Increase PPC Budgets

  • Utilize Amazon’s new budgeting rules 
  • Use Sellozo’s budget rebalancing between campaign groups


Bid more aggressively

  • Increase target ACoS by a few percentage points 1 or 2 weeks before the holidays
  • Utilize relative bid adjustments to increase bids on best selling targets
  • Play with Amazon’s placement multipliers to ensure competitive positioning
  • Prioritize putting budget toward brand awareness campaigns
  • Check branded terms and defensive campaigns to make sure you’re still winning
    • Set a high minimum bid as well as a max bid on branded terms


Save where you can

  • Realize it’s not the best time of year to do tons of keyword testing
  • Cut back losing campaigns or targets as the high traffic period will only exacerbate unprofitable ad spend
  • Make sure to cut back on ads once Amazon shows products will start delivering after Christmas. The conversion rate will plummet!


Optimize conversion rate

  • Suggest coupons, slash pricing
    • Lightning deals are usually not worth it!
  • Play around with fresh holiday-themed creative or headlines in Sponsored Brand ads


Be smart after big buying days

  • Try dayparting campaigns after Cyber Monday and Christmas to save money and only run ads during a few peak hours
  • Try retargeting after the holidays either through DSP or SD to take advantage of shoppers who viewed your products



  • Inventory
    • It’s not worth doing a huge push if the brand is going to run out of inventory super early in the buying season


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