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Amazon Attribution

Improve Your Amazon Advertising Strategy with Amazon Attribution

Optimizations / April 28, 2021

Improve Your Amazon Advertising Strategy with Amazon Attribution

In previous years, driving traffic to your Amazon listing was challenging and inconclusive. Without any data to support your Amazon advertising results, understanding where to focus your attention was cloudy at best.

In mid-2018, Amazon introduced the Beta model of Amazon Attribution. For the first time, brands had a tangible way to measure the impacts of specific advertising metrics across multiple media channels. At that time, the program’s capabilities were limited.

With a significant uptick in reporting capabilities, marketing teams and individual sellers can now fully digest the essential metrics of this data. Out of the beta phase, Amazon Attribution offers brands an opportunity to optimize their campaigns and advertising strategies using proper analytics. 

The result? A formal Amazon advertising strategy.

In this article, we’ll explore what Amazon Attribution is, its core benefits and how you can leverage it in your Amazon advertising strategy.

Amazon advertising strategy
Amazon Advertising Attribution

What is Amazon Attribution and How Does It Work?

Amazon Attribution is an analytics solution that provides sellers insight into how their non-Amazon channels affect shopping activity and sales performance on Amazon. 

Amazon attribution is now available in the US, Canadian, Spanish, German, French, UK, and Italian marketplaces.

Who Can Benefit from Amazon Attribution?

Currently, only those sellers who are brand registered can participate in the Amazon Attribution program. More often, we see Amazon aligning itself with legitimate brands on the platform. 

If you’re weighing the worthiness of becoming Brand Registered, Amazon Attribution is yet another benefit. More benefits will likely roll out for those who choose to be trademarked. We highly recommend if you are not brand registered to take steps to enroll in the program.

See this link for more information on the
Amazon Brand Registry program.

Does Amazon Provide a Tracking Pixel?


Simply put, Amazon owns its marketplaces in every sense of the word. Amazon wants control over its data and how this data is used.

To marketers off of Amazon, pixels offer valuable insights into user’s online habits in one piece of code. 

Amazon previously offered little method to this type of information, so it was a welcomed announcement when Amazon Attributions came along. Brands can finally fully understand Amazon’s off-site traffic and optimize advertising campaigns accordingly.

Instead of pixels, Amazon provides users with what is called an Attribution Tag. This tag is a specialized URL designed to provide insights into click-through rates, sales, and conversions from external sources. The attribution tags are created within an Amazon Attribution account, required to access the program’s benefits.

Amazon attribution tags
Amazon Attribution Tags

A user then adds the specialized URL to advertisements, emails, and other content forms to track user’s habits and generate data and analytics. It’s a relatively simple and straightforward process!

What are the Benefits of Amazon Attributions?

Benefits Include:

  1. Measure Channels Effectiveness – Find out which media channels are working best for pushing traffic to your Amazon listings and products.
  2. Optimize – Maximize benefits with strategic and streamlined data to provide best-case scenarios. Narrow in on the external campaigns that may be working, and let go of those that aren’t, without hesitation.
  3. Plan – Drive sales through strategic execution to grow your Amazon business.

Understanding Amazon Attribution Analytics

Sellers can look to Sellozo to maximize the outcomes of their Amazon PPC management before applying Amazon attribution tags within their external content. Once proper campaign optimization is complete, Amazon Attribution provides the next steps in gaining valuable insight to maximize outcomes. 

Tips To Understanding Amazon Attribution Analytics

  1. Audience Optimization – It’s best to understand which audiences are most likely to purchase your products. A buyer avatar helps discover specific demographics of audiences, while Amazon Attribution allows Amazon sellers to streamline the content to those particular audiences.
  2. Channel Optimization – Leverage which mediums off of Amazon are working to maximize performance. 
  3. Creative Optimization & Reporting – Discover which type of creative marketing speaks to audiences to leverage the best results in specific campaigns based on time of year and particular holidays. Unlock which campaigns drive more traffic to what creative elements of your Amazon listing, including Amazon Storefronts. Utilize Amazon Attribution reports to uncover impressions, clicks, and conversions. 

Updates to Amazon Attribution

During the beta phase, many of the features we see today were not as robust. Updates include:

  1. Expanded Marketplaces In the early stages, Amazon Attribution, was only available in the US marketplace. As mentioned earlier in this article, the features are nearly known in all marketplaces, including the UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Canada.

2. Social Advertising Measurement Amazon introduced a click-based solution for in-app measurement, enabling brands to correctly measure the impact of social media campaigns.

3. Bulk Operations The attribution tag generation was simplified, and bulk operations were implemented to help better sellers generate a high number of tags within a single file.

Updates to the Amzon Attribution Program
Amazon Advertising Strategy

With buyer intent at a high on the Amazon platform, understanding what drives external traffic to your Amazon listings and products is beneficial to increasing sales, growing brand loyalty, and creating consistent messaging across all channels. 

Amazon appreciates customers flocking to their site as a credible and trusted online shopping source. It is said that more consideration is given to brands driving external traffic to Amazon. 
For this reason, learning how to best leverage, your Amazon Attribution insights will assist in driving traffic to boost your off-site advertising results.

Amazon Attribution was a long time in the making; familiarizing yourself and or your marketing team with the program’s capabilities is to your advantage.

Are you enrolled in Amazon Attribution? Tell us what you think of the program!


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