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Amazon Ad Management With Sellozo

Best Practices / November 2, 2021

Managing your Amazon PPC account on a basic level is easy to do on your own. Taking it to the next level to optimize your sales and grow your business needs something more – either the help of an expert, automation software or both. If your product listing isn’t optimized correctly, newfound traffic may even end up costing you more money without resulting in additional sales. That’s where Sellozo comes in for your Amazon ad management.

Sellozo is a fully automated advertising platform that helps you optimize your PPC strategy and grow your business. Sellozo automatically creates negative keywords and launches campaigns on your behalf. Your business thrives on sales and visibility, but sales and PPC campaigns can become expensive. This software weeds out search terms that don’t result in sales and finds optimal keywords and phrases as replacements to make sure you’re getting the best value for your advertising dollars.  It is an essential Amazon ad management tool.

Getting Started with Sellozo

Starting your PPC campaigns and managing your Amazon product ads is simple with Sellozo. It comes down to three steps:

  1. Select your campaign.
  2. Enable Sellozo Optimizer.
  3. Set your target ACoS.

The PPC Manager is where you control which campaigns you want to automate. First-time users of Sellozo will find the most success with just a few campaigns. Once your business grows, you can start adding more. Input your target ACoS, and the next day, Sellozo begins the campaign and optimizes it accordingly.

Navigating the Dashboard

Upon logging into your Sellozo account, you will be greeted by the Sellozo dashboard. The dashboard is simple to navigate and acts as a catchall home base for your PPC Amazon ad management. On the dashboard, you will find a line graph of your PPC sales and PPC profits. Your sales are broken down into two categories: organic and PPC. This breakdown helps you see the benefits of using PPC campaigns with Sellozo, and gives you an idea of how your offsite ads affect your impressions and conversions. You will also find your costs, margins, and total ACoS all here on the dashboard.

The Algorithm

The Sellozo algorithm looks at the traffic you’re receiving from your keywords and optimizes them. Weak keywords aren’t just keywords that don’t generate traffic to your products. A weak keyword can also be one that gets users to click on your ads without purchasing your product, which impacts your bottom line.

When keywords receive a lot of traffic but don’t convert that visibility into sales for your business, Sellozo lowers their bids repeatedly until your conversion rate is more comfortable. Visibility is still essential to sales and your overall success on the platform, so be aware that extremely efficient bids may have a negative effect on brand awareness. The algorithm runs directly based on your targeted ACoS, so you control this visibility-to-efficiency ratio. Knowing how to set your target ACoS is essential to using Sellozo and finding success managing your Amazon ads.

Your Target ACoS

Understanding your goals, budget, and how ACoS affects your campaign is key to setting a smart target. Raising your ACoS may seem counterintuitive, but can actually be a good strategy to increase overall visibility and sales velocity at the cost of a higher budget. Lowering your ACoS improves your bottom line, and is a good choice when you’re solely looking to rake in profits.

Sellozo recommends setting your ACoS target close to your current ACoS to avoid sudden and dramatic shifts in performance. For example, dropping your bids too low too quickly may cause your visibility to abruptly plummet. Your bids will rise to meet a higher ACoS, and fall to reach a lower one. Sellozo attempts to reach your target, not exceed it, so set it accordingly.

Automated Campaigns

Efficiency in a business is just as crucial to your profit margin as sales. “Money saved is money earned,” said Benjamin Franklin. This quote strongly applies to PPC advertising, and Sellozo’s automated campaigns will help you find a balance to optimize your spending.

Automatic Campaigns take one of your listed products – one with many campaigns on it – and moves it to another. Rather than manually moving your keywords from one campaign to the next, all you need to do is link the campaigns together. The tedious process of downloading a search term record, moving those same search terms to a broad campaign, going back to the auto, and making them a negative is erased. Sellozo allows you to do this process automatically in just a few clicks.

One other great feature of Sellozo’s Automatic Campaigns is the automated keyword discovery. Whether broad or exact, keywords and phrases are used to find new search terms. This process will show your product under new search terms and help get your product to the first few pages of an Amazon search. You set the number of search term conversions, and once conversions reach that number, Sellozo will take those terms and automatically move them to your broad match campaign.

Conservative vs. Aggressive Approach

When adjusting keyword bids to reach your chosen ACoS target, Sellozo offers a conservative approach for those who want more accuracy and an aggressive approach for faster results.

The conservative approach adjusts your daily bids by 10%. This approach allows the algorithm to find the best bid for a specific keyword. The aggressive approach adjusts the bid by 15% daily and creates a broader range of bids. With this method, you can miss the best bid, but can save you time and money if your target is far away. If your aggressive adjustments cause your ACoS to bounce above and below your target, consider switching to conservative.

One-on-One Interview

Despite the easy-to-use platform, Sellozo has a lot to offer. Sellozo provides a one-on-one onboarding phone call to help you understand the software. A Sellozo and Amazon ad management expert will screen share with you to show you how to link your campaigns, set a target ACoS, and answer any questions or concerns you have about the software. Quick and easy email support for future help is also included with Sellozo.

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