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9 Expert Tips to Boost Your Amazon Sales Right Now

Amazon Basics / September 27, 2021

There is no doubt that Amazon is the world’s biggest marketplace. So much so that it is often the first place people think of when starting an online business. This also explains why there are plenty of Amazon selling guides online showing you different ways to boost amazon sales.

Top Tips to Boost Amazon Sales

There is a reason customers are attracted to Amazon. The online marketplace has excellent customer service and makes shopping convenient.

But with more than 1.5 million active sellers on Amazon, we cannot deny that the competition among merchants can be challenging. That’s why we have listed the nine tips you can follow to boost your Amazon sales.

Try Amazon Advertising Solutions

Advertising on Amazon is essential if you want to enhance sales. This is true, especially if you’re a new seller and haven’t optimized your page to be much more visible organically yet.

Amazon advertising is quite the same as your Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. Therefore, mastering it is vital if you want to gain momentum in your sales.

Amazon’s advertising solution is almost similar to Google’s. That’s because ads are shown to the users based on the keywords they use when searching for a particular product. So, every time a user searches, the first batch of results they see will pop on sponsored results.

This means that sellers will be paying Amazon a small fee every time one of these results is clicked on.

If you plan to run an Amazon ad campaign, you have three options:

  • Manage your ad campaigns on your own.
  • Use Amazon PPC software so that you can automate processes.
  • Work with a PPC specialist agency that knows the complex and ever-changing rules of Amazon’s advertising solutions.

Use Instagram’s Sales Channel

Instagram has taken the social media world and is the perfect platform for e-commerce brands to attract their target audience.

When you understand how the Instagram explore page algorithm works, you can leverage it to boost your Amazon sales. That’s because you would know what content to produce, caption to write, and hashtags to use to promote your products.

If you have an Amazon FBA account, you can make a promo code on the Advertising > Promotions section. That way, you can direct your traffic on your landing page on Amazon only with your products on it.

Also, if you both have an Amazon FBA and Shopify account, you can easily tag products on Instagram to build an Instagram Sales Channel.

Usually, your traffic will be directed to your store on Spotify, where they can buy the item there. Amazon will still be doing the fulfillment for you.

How To Boost Your Sales On Amazon

Utilize Influencer Marketing

People will likely buy from brands they trust, whether they are a well-known brand or recommended by a trusted friend.

That’s why influencer marketing plays a significant role for Amazon sellers to improve their sales.

What you can do is partner with an influencer who resonates with your target market. This means that their followers should be the people who are likely to buy your products. From there, they can promote the items you are selling.

Improve Product Photos

Another way to grab the attention of a prospective buyer is to use high-quality photos. The best thing about this is that you don’t have to put in a lot of time for it.

All you need to do is to go through a couple of basic principles:

Try to shoot with as much natural light as possible. That’s because it makes your product look as three-dimensional as possible. After all, your product photo can be the closest thing a customer can have to seeing your item in person.

Don’t use a flash, and make sure that you set the white balance to auto.

It would also help if you set up your camera on a tripod, even if you’re shooting from a smartphone. This avoids any potential shakes.

For backdrops, opt for white or light neutral shades. Draping a white cloth over a chair will create a much more seamless background. It doesn’t compete with the product either.

Shoot the product from multiple angles. Make sure that you position your product in lifestyle situations. That way, it will be much easier for buyers to visualize how the product should be used. You can also create stunning videos using a great video maker tool.

Understand Amazon Algorithm

Amazon works similarly to a search engine. It will show users results based on what they search. That’s why it’s crucial to know how Amazon’s algorithms work. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to create a successful strategy to boost your sales.

Basically, Amazon has two algorithms:

  1. Search: Determines how your products will rank on search results. It will rely on several factors which are related to the product you’re selling. This includes the category, price, reviews, and targeted keywords. The platform also monitors vendor-related elements such as shipping times and return rates.
  2. Buy Box: This determines whether your product will win or lose its Buy Box. So, what does Buy Box mean exactly? This appears on the right-most part of your product listings, making your business the default choice when a customer clicks “Add to Cart.”

The platform will consider several factors with this type of algorithm. This includes prices, reviews, and shipping methods.

Win the Amazon Buy Box

Now another great strategy to boost your sales is winning the Amazon Buy Box. A Buy Box account is responsible for more than 80 percent of sales.

Here are some strategies to win your Buy Box:

  • Keep products in-stock
  • Respond to customer queries within 4 hours.
  • Create competitive pricing
  • Optimize the order fulfillment process.
  • Decrease your order defect rate.
  • Meet your shipping times as promised.
  • Your Buy Box is an ongoing strategy. So you might have to modify prices, optimize your inventory, etc., if you want to stand out from other sellers.

Use High-value Keywords on Your Product Listings

Similarly, you should also optimize every single one of your product listings. Optimizing your listing with relevant keywords allows you to boost your search visibility.

Price Competitively

Because the competition on Amazon is pretty stiff, one of the biggest differentiators from one seller to another is the price. This isn’t a hindrance to profitability, though.

Utilize the price competition to help you know which products are worth promoting in the marketplace.

Using a Podcast as a Marketing Tool

You may think that social media are the only channels that can help boost your Amazon Sales. However, your podcast can bring the same benefits when done right.

Creating a podcast can present an array of ideas that you can use to promote your Amazon store.

You can start by turning your target market and niche into a podcast topic. If you sell home decors, then consider starting a podcast about interior decoration. Another example is to add a link to your Amazon store in the descriptions.

Implementing these Amazon selling tips may take some time. But you can focus on your best-selling products. You can also utilize analytics and A/B tests. That way, you will know what is resonating with your audience to create better strategies in the future.

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